Channeled message: Gratitude and manifesting

Andrea Ramirez Fortuna Living Spiritual Coaching
Podcast: Channeled message, Gratitude and Manifesting

Gratefulness is a subject that needs to be addressed. Gratefulness and the transformation of the soul to be ready to receive blessings are hand in hand. A lot is said and talked about gratefulness, but very little is explained about how important the minor details of gratitude are the greatest gifts of soul transformation.

When we talk about gratefulness, we notice that there is a lot of attraction for bringing gratitude towards more significant material objects present in life.

But how about the little gifts? The gift of your talents, intuition, and health, to be awake and aware to know that there is magic in this world. Gratitude is linked directly with magic because magic is nothing but the art of manifesting what is not embodied in the material world yet, like something material or a loving relationship.

And when we talk about relationships, we don’t only say relationships with another human; you hold relationships with your beloved pets, with your beloved plants, and your gardens. Gratitude, you see it’s like a plant.

Gratitude is like saying beautiful words to a plant every day. It’s like saying compliments to the universe every day, saying thank you, and having an appreciation for the fact that you could open your eyes and see. For the fact that you can feel in your heart. For the fact that you are waking up to a new dimension of gifts in your life, more clarity, greater understanding, stretching out to go from just knowledge into wisdom.

Gratitude is the heart pumping in the body of gifts and blessings that are waiting to manifest in your life. Gratitude is the beating heart of manifesting, and we would like to stress that manifestation is not only about material beings, material things.

We urge you to be grateful for those other gifts that are not material that you cannot see or touch, yet they are the most important for the transformation and evolution of this world.

The most important for walking every step in the path that you have come to experience on this Earth. The beating heart, the beating drums, the music, and the rhythm will manifest the most beautiful melodies in your life: empathy, courage, friendship, intuition, love, compassion.

Even gratitude of fear because it is an indicator of something that needs to be avoided or changed.

Learn to be grateful for the things that sometimes hurt, but at the same time, that are giving you in your hands the key for achieving significant change and evolution in your life.

The keys, tips, and clues for you to create change and find different ways to transform that fear into a stepping block that will take you to the next level of this game called life.

And for that, be grateful for the wisdom, even if you don’t think you have wisdom right now. Be thankful for it because it exists, is present, and is here; you have it. But maybe from zero to 100, you’re just starting in your wisdom path, and it doesn’t matter!.

Be grateful for the wisdom of intuition, empathy, the wisdom of compassion, and wisdom of your body.

Because every ache and pain shows you and points you towards somewhere that you need to pay attention to, there is so much meaning in your body, and every organ has a meaning studied through many different cultures and schools. Listen to it.

Listen to your heart until your heart calms the mind and its crazy ideas that are usually just making you waste energy in the form of unnecessary imaginary, negative, repetitive, obsessive thinking.

Give gratitude, for your mind can achieve peace, coherence and go beyond knowledge towards wisdom.

We love you very much. And we are hoping that this message will wake something up inside of you—a piece of your inner truth with meaning and value.

And that like a flower, it can open up and bloom, like the sunshine, it can rise and light up and enlighten you and shine your inner light out on your path. To become your own sunshine.

You are loved and supported.


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