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Here you will find some of my published articles about spiritual coaching, channeling/ mediumship, energy healing, and other collaborations.

Autumn Frequencies, Witches Magazine

Ongoing collaboration.

URL: Shop | Witches Magazine

Meditation Supplements

Article for the Energy Healing Magazine.
Ongoing collaboration.

URL: Andrea Ramirez Shares Meditation Supplements… – The Energy Healing Magazine

The Holistic Algarve Experience

Facilitator. Ongoing collaboration

URL: Holistic Algarve (@holistic_algarve) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

The Importance of Color in our Lives

An article for The Energy Healing Magazine

URL: Andrea Ramirez Shares The Importance Of Colour In Our Lives – The Energy Healing Magazine

Maxx4 Associate

High quality CBD oils and CBD infused products. Available in many countries in Europe and some states in the US. Enter my personalized link to browse and shop:


Summer Frequencies, a channeled message

Witches Magazine, summer of 2022 print issue

URL: Summer 2022 #13 PRINT | Witches Magazine

Divine S.O.U.L Retreat Collaborator

October 16th to 22nd 2022 at Alvor, Algarve, Portugal
Bringing Hooponopono, Channeling and Hypnosys.

URL: Divine S.O.U.L Retreat | Deborah FreeSpirit

Success and Mindfulness, achieving goals holistically

Women Quarterly Insight Issue 2022

URL: Women’s Quarterly Insight 2022 by ICE Media Entertainment | Blurb Books

Hypnosis as a Therapeutic practice

Tu Plan Style Magazine in Spanish

URL: TUplanstyle Magazine – Publicaciones | Facebook

Book Co-Author:

How to be Happy – Is it Just a Choice?

Co-Author for the chapter “Spirituality and entrepreneurship = Purpose”

URL: How To Be Happy Is It Your Mindset? – The Energy Healing Magazine

How do we become more present?

The Energy Healing Magazine

Online edition

URL: Andrea Ramirez Shares How Do We Become More Present? – The Energy Healing Magazine

Success and Mindfulness

The Energy Healing Magazine

Online edition

URL: Andrea Ramirez Shares Success And Mindfulness, Achieving Goals Holistically – The Energy Healing Magazine

Birthing a new self

Witches magazine

Spring Issue #12, 2022, print


Acción v/s Reacción

Revista Mujeres que Inspiran

Url: HOME | Misitio (

Action v/s Reaction

Women´s Quarterly Magazine

Innovation Special Issue 2022

Page 36


Mujeres que Inspiran Magazine

Ongoing collaboration


Brilliance Business Interview

How can being coached help you to achieve a better future?
Five coaches share their experience and expertise about the benefits of coaching.

Url Instagram Live:



Insight Timer Guided Meditation Page

Ongoing sharing of guided meditations for relaxing, revitalizing, and recharging.


Sacred Geometry, a channeled message

Witches Magazine

Autumn Issue #11 Print


Interview Brilliance Business post on La Times

Url: Los Angeles Weekly Times Andrea Ramirez Founder of Fortuna Living Interview

Interview Brilliance Business with Mark Stephen Pooler, conversations with leading experts in business

Url Instagram Live:


Audio: Brilliance Business Andrea Ramirez Founder of Fortuna Living Interview

Autumn: The sacred threshold, a channeled message

Witches Magazine

Autumn Issue #10 Print


An ongoing collaboration with My Way Radio, podcasts about spirituality and healing every day.


Female energy to transfrom the world from within

Women´s Quarterly Magazine

Summer Inspiration Issue

Page 36

Url: Women’s Quarterly Magazine (

What is Channeling?

Tomorrow Magazine

July 2021 Edition, print and online version

Page 44 printed version

Page 112 online version

Url: Tomorrow Magazine – July 2021 (Printed Version) (

Full Moon and Super Full Moon, The Light on The Hidden Wounds

Witches Magazine

Issue #9 Print

Url: Summer 2021 #9 PRINT | Witches Magazine

Solstice: A Channeled Message

A channeled message
Witch Magazine
Issue 19

Url: Digital Issues (

What is a witch?

A channeled message
Witch Magazine
Issue 18, page 30

Url: WITCH Issue 18 by Witch Magazine – issuu

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