Channeled message: Meditation and healing

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Podcast: Channeled message, Meditation and healing

With the shifting of the world, everything in your history,  the changing seasons, and the changing circumstances of life, only one thing remains the same: the peace and the quiet of the Spirit in the inner chambers of your soul.

Meditation has a strong impact not only on your physical body but your energy body as well. When you meditate, you’re drawing light into your energy body, and like a prism, you filter all that light through the different crystals of your soul, bringing color and light to your electromagnetic field and the eye of your mind.

The colors of the soul reflect on the light of your Spirit. This light energy is one of peace and coherence, wisdom, and most of all, unconditional love.

The light downloaded into your energy body via meditation comes from a never-ending source.

When you connect with the soul and spirit to the divine, the energy is loving beyond measure and circumstances and has no criticism; time does not exist, only presence.

 In the body, you have all the mechanisms to feel and become present.

The mechanisms of meditation have been studied throughout millennia by wise people and sages. In an ever-changing world, we’re heading towards a different kind of evolution—the evolution of being, and meditation rests at the center of that transformation.

The evolution of the soul and the mind moves beyond prejudice and from knowledge into wisdom, brings balance to the mind’s chatter, and brings wisdom into the heart.  Your heart is where sacred geometry lives in the body like a beautiful center of energy and light. The connection with Earth and sky, the divine source, brings the best possible outcome for you in your life.

The light that you ground every time you meditate is like vitamins for your soul. It’s coming straight from Spirit, and it’s so personalized that not two people will have the same experience or receive the same messages because you are one of a kind. A perfect person. With your specific shape, a specific number of facets, colors, language, and frequency. Hence, meditating is not only healthy for your body and your organs; meditation is medicine for your body and your soul, and it comes from Spirit with personalized one-of-a-kind medicine made for you. When you go into meditation, do it with a smile on your face, with openness to receive the sweetness that will come to you from the Universe. The balsam that will soothe you and the nutrition from the source will make your energy body brighter, stronger, and healthier for you to walk your path in life on this Earth. And once your frequency changes into this concrete presence of light, instinctively, others will react to it. And in their hearts, they might feel conveyed to go into the space of meditation and nurture themselves from the depths of their being to their physical bodies and their electromagnetic field.

And like this, one by one, you work together and alone, meditating.

Remember, you are a divine being, an exceptional one of a kind, one in four hundred trillion possibilities of this Universe here on Earth.

When you feel empty, sad,  weighed down, go and meditate with this precious intention of the uniqueness of your being.

Put the intention so the Universe will replenish and detox you. Ask for the nurturing and healing of all your wounds. And the Universe will provide you energy, medicine, and vitamins for your soul and energy body.

The Universe will provide peace for your mind and your heart.

The Universe will provide healing, strength, and health from the inside out.

We invite you to take a moment and close your eyes and make the connection with the Universe and imagine it like a beautiful white pillar of light showering you. Do this every time you come out of a difficult situation, and imagine this divine light cleansing you and making you softer, more comfortable. Feel this light pouring unconditional love inside you and all around you. Feel compassion and slowly build your energy up. Feel energized, content. Feel grateful.

The presence of universal love will come to you from soul and Spirit and manifest all around you.

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