Hypnotherapy and personalized guided meditations

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change and healing.
We can work on a series of issues to help you improve your quality of life all round. To know more about the conditions that can be treated via Hypnotherapy, I invite you to read this:


Protocol for online sessions

I can also create your own guided meditation/ hypnosis according to your needs. Do you need to sleep better? Do better on exams? Anxiety? By having your personalized meditation we can create a journey that will help you bring out the best in you, renewing your inner world and reflecting that change in your day-to-day reality.

How can hypnosis and a personalized guided meditation help me as an entrepreneur? In our subconscious is the key to our success. The inner saboteur lives there and so do most of our early life trauma and beliefs about success and abundance. When we tap into the subconscious via hypnosis/ guided meditation we can transform our reality from deep within.

Contact me so we can get to know each other and prepare a plan for you, I am looking forward to it!

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During channeling, I go into a light state of trance/mediumship to connect with the Divine. Once connected, messages are received and expressed directly from the Divine or other higher consciousness like angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, etc.
Another possibility that the channel provides is to connect to loved ones that have already passed the veil or connect to the consciousness of our pets, who already are very much connected to the source, to know more about them and how they feel.

How can a channeling session help me as an entrepreneur? We can ask to receive the message we need to receive at the moment we make the session, these messages will be spiritual and profound, and will give us food for thought and information that will help us make a shift in our lives from deep within. I will be guiding you through the process to help you make the most of these messages.
The sessions offered are one hour. For special requests, it is always possible to adapt the length of the work.
This work can be done in person or over the distance via video call.
Each experience is recorded and sent via an mp3 file.

Click here for modalities and protocol.

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Tarot Counseling

I work with the tarot as a way for self-knowledge and understanding. We can ask for advice and ways to proceed to heal ourselves and move on in life. These sessions help when stuck in a rut as they offer a language that is symbolic and specific. These messages will help to bring light to different aspects of the self resulting in a-ha moments and realizations.

How can this modality help me as an entrepreneur? Whenever there´s an important meeting or situation this modality will assist you to see possibilities and best ways of action depending on the nature of the situation. The reading will provide you with information regarding the other´s points of view, expectations, and opinions about you and your project. It is also useful when overwhelmed by news that might come as a surprise as we can look into the situation and find the best way to proceed in order to balance it.

The length of each session is one hour.
This work can be done in person or over the distance via video call.
The session will be recorded and sent via mp3 file.

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I can help you improve your health and energy levels by sending you Reiki wherever you might be in the world.
I use Reiki for the relief and healing of ailments, physical discomfort, or other discomforts like sleeping problems, low energy levels, nervousness, irregular emotional states, etc.

Reiki can also help you fasten any recovery process you might be experiencing. I will tailor a plan for you to receive this healing energy at your best convenience.

How can Reiki help me as an entrepreneur? We can send energy to you, your business, the physical space you work in, any specific place and time when something important is happening eg., a meeting, presentation, interview, etc., to energetically, heal, clean, clear, and recharge the situation. Also, Reiki will help you relax, focus and stay healthy and energized.

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Chakra and Aura Healing

We will start the healing connecting to the Divine, or Source, via channeling/mediumship. I will scan the chakra, describe its state and then proceed with the healing. The process will be repeated with all chakras and lastly with the aura.

I also offer maintenance sessions in person or via video call to ensure the chakras are well and working to their optimum capacity.
An optimum state of our chakras is just as important as a good and healthy physical body.

How can this modality help me as an entrepreneur? Imagine you have the best car and you need to make it from point a to b on a highway that is filled with debris and dirt. This is how energy feels when trying to access our energy centers, our energy bodies, and the chakras are not at their optimum state. This modality will essentially put your energy centers “back online” after a thorough “update” for the energy to flow easily and, just as a good digestive system, to have good energy absorption, more stamina, and especially clarity and peace.

The duration of the session will vary according to each person. This work can be done in person or over the distance via video call.
The session will be recorded and sent via mp3 file.

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