Channeled message: Sacred geometry and meditation

Podcast: Channeled message, Sacred geometry and meditation

There is a lot of wisdom in sacred geometry as it holds the patterns of creation in the same way you have designs to confecting clothing and blueprints for constructions.

The universe reality has its own rules, and the sacred codes of sacred geometry guard them. Every curve, every line holds a message that decodes to the person observing it.

It is truly magical to bring forth creation in your life and soul and give birth in your consciousness to the light and wisdom of these sacred figures.

We bring this subject to attention, the presence of these elements and symbols in your reality is becoming prominent. And it is because they have come here to restore the order of everything that has been deviated from its true divine purpose.

When sacred geometry appears in our life, it’s a call to attention. There are so many beautiful shapes that you can stare at and allow yourself to feel the message of any specific symbol that comes to you. Sacred Geometry is something that we must observe in humble meditation, with excellent concentration, and your heart opens to receive the mysteries that they have come here to share with you.

Every time you bring this geometry inside of your consciousness, something falls right into place.

Blocks get unblocked, creativity runs wild, yet in a very organized way, and that will allow you to focus and bring that creation from inside of you to the world in a pleasant way to get your message across, no matter how abstract the subject of your art.

Creating a space to meditate with sacred geometry will bring coherent, heartfelt messages, which will get an order in your inner world.

The messages of sacred geometry will restore passion, creativity, and balance to the voices of the soul, the mind, and the heart.

It will tune you up with your instincts and will bring so much richness. Let the messages come to you just by staring at the geometry through your eyes.

Sacred geometry is indeed a tool that will become more and more present. The energy grid of the Earth, the energy lines of your body, it’s also sacred geometry as it is your pattern to keep you healthy.

Sacred geometry comes into your world when you let go of judgment and the frontal cortex of the mind that tries to find an explanation, a name, and information on absolutely everything.

Because sacred geometry carries so much information, you cannot process it with the human brain. You must then open your eyes and heart to allow that divinely encoded information to come straight into your heart, your soul, your subconsciousness, and manifest healing, cleaning, clearing, restoring, reordering, all in divine measure.

We, the Divine, bring so many tools to you and wish you will find your path and pass all these tests of human life and the human existence you are experiencing today on Earth.

All that comes through us is love. You were once a poem in our hearts, and now you’re walking the Earth again, learning that you are a divine creature, that we are always providing you with the tools and symbols.

As symbolic as a leaf falling from a tree in autumn, the time has come to let go of all that clutter in your life, and we are not talking only about physical items.

We are indeed talking about your mind, your thoughts, attachment to things and people, past experiences, relationships, maybe someone that has passed the veil.

My dear, nothing is ever lost; everything is restored in a brand new way to receive the essence of each experience you go through. And today, we’re helping you through the consciousness of meditation with sacred geometry symbols. You don’t need to understand in your human mind what they mean. Just pick one that you feel attracts you the most. And in humble meditation with an open heart, stare at these symbols and ask them to bring love, order, wisdom, and any message you might need to see or feel. Any medicine that you might need at that moment.

You can choose a new symbol every day. It doesn’t matter because you are not the same at every moment of the day or every day. You must love and adjust to changes that happen in your body and your life—one step at a time. Kindly, lovingly be compassionate to yourself and to others that might not like change.

We are here with you, dear. We love you so much. We wish for the warm colors that come with autumn to wrap you up like a cozy blanket of protection and divine wisdom, for you to see the sacredness of the geometry in every living thing, in every space, and your soul.

The sacredness of the pattern of the creation of your body. Every line of your hand, every hair in your head.

We’ll leave you with this reflection that’s filled with most love towards you, hoping that you will find solace, refuge, hope, happiness, and energizing information through the sacred geometry in your life.

You are very loved. Thank you.


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