Jane´s testimonial

I had a channeling session with Andrea in May this year. It was my first time having this type of session and she was really amazing. She is so friendly and put me at ease immediately. The messages that I received from my loved ones were so nice and really made me so happy that I could connect with them through Andrea. She helped me to let go of a lot of negativity and past traumas. It was such a powerful session I would highly recommend it!! I look forward to seeing Andrea again soon.

A few weeks after our session I found out that I was pregnant 😍 I had been trying for 6 months but I think after the session I released a lot and it was time for a new baby.

Chitra´s chakra and aura healing testimonial

In my search for years on this spiritual path, I came to this wonderful channeling of chakras carried out by Andrea, an incredible session of connection with the world of the chakras, giving them life and understanding that they have consciousness and that they are working for your awakening on this path of infinite love and light.
1,000% recommended
Thank you very much Andrea

Carol´s testimonial

I have always been a very analytical person who would hear the voice of my intuition, but needed facts to prove it. This always kept me in my head, so when I consulted with Andrea it was like a breath of fresh air and as if she released me from being held captive in my own mind. She gave me clarity that made sense to my analytical brain. Her advice was on point as if she had already known me and my situation. She is also very humble, kind and gracious which makes her extremely approachable.

Leslie from Karma Skincare´s testimonial

I attended a private session with Andrea from  Fortuna Living and was found her to be a truly, naturally  gifted  individual  who immediately put me at ease  with her calm, tranquil presence.  Her deeply  connected honesty  allowed me to gain more clarity into which direction I needed to explore for which I am very grateful. 

Gaby´s testimonial

It was the first time I had a tarot session, and I am very happy I finally dared to do it.

Andrea made the session fun but professional, addressing sensitive issues with the most respect.

Carmen´s testimonials

I felt great at the session with Andrea. She was clear and precise and guided me with the message the cards wanted to express. It helped me make an important decision, and realize that even though sometimes the news we hear are hard to accept, we must be open to the world of possibilities we have.

Camila´s tarot session testimonial

I was surprised as how the session developed, I now believe spirit is more than what we know. I am glad I took the chance to share this moment with Andrea.

Gloria´s Testimonial

The experience at the session with Andrea was very special, and gave me messages that will help me with my well-being. Sometimes you are looking for one thing and find another better. This is what happened with Andrea.

Dani´s testimonial

The session was more in-depth and detailed than expected. I appreciate the respectful way in which Andrea explains what she sees, I will consult with her again.

Quim´s Testimonial

When stuck in a rut I like to have a session to clear my mind and connect with my intuition. I like her way of working with the soul, more in tone with this new era of personal evolution.

Private testimonial

I thank Andrea for her time and patience. All the answers were meticulously described and very detailed. It was a self-discovery experience I will definitely repeat.

Ana´s testimonial

I really enjoyed my session with Andrea. I recommend you give her sessions a try, especially those who are unsure about tarot.

Colin´s testimonial

Having a session with Andrea took me to a new level of understanding and appreciation for every detail that life offers day to day that I usually overlook. The session has helped me observe myself more and change what was toxic in me. I always return because of her sensitivity. Thank you!

Estefanía´s testimonial

I have never had the experience of a card reading because of the fear of what they might say. Andrea has changed the way I see this experience: It helps to understand how people´s destiny is marked and put into practice personal growth tips. Without a doubt an experience I will definitely repeat and recommend 100%.

Michelle´s testimonial

My experience with Andrea was a vision at first sight. She is very sweet and polite and since the beginning made me feel at home with the session. It was all great and very clear to understand. Choice, options, lift the veil of what might become of our decisions is important to walk life in balance.

Johanna´s testimonial

We had a lovely reading in January with predictions that, to me, seemed almost impossible. Everything happened just as Andrea described it.

Claudio´s testimonial

Surrendering to the session with andrea has been a journey to the depths of my being. Each session is a process of learning and self-discovery that Andrea with great talent, delicacy and above all wisdom, accompanies you to make conscious that part of yours that you need to be able to see and go through aspects of yourself and life to move forward with greater clarity. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know themselves a little more.

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