Katherin´s Testimonial Hypnosis

It was an amazing experience! Andrea really knows what she is doing. She took me to a state of full relaxation and showed me how to address the challenges that I had. I recommend 100%. You will enjoy the benefits for a long time!

Nadine´s Testimonial Hypnosis and NLP

I had two Hypno and one NLP session with Andrea, and the issues I was working on have already improved shortly after the session. So, I keep coming back to her for different topics I would like to solve or improve in my life. Andrea is very knowledgeable and super calm and friendly. She makes me feel safe and relaxed every time I work with her. I can highly recommend her.
Thank you, Andrea, keep doing what you are doing, love Nadine

Caty´s Testimonial

I cannot express enough how impactful and transformative the experience was. This session offered far more than just a glimpse into the future; it was a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

Pam´s Testimonial

Right from the start, Andrea created a warm and inviting atmosphere. She had a sense of calm and positivity, making me feel instantly comfortable to share my thoughts and concerns. As someone who was new to tarot, her patient explanations about the cards and the process put any initial apprehension at ease.

Lynn´s Testimonial

Throughout the session, Andrea showed an impressive depth of knowledge and understanding of the tarot’s symbolism. She artfully interpreted each card’s meaning, weaving together a narrative that felt uniquely tailored to my life and current circumstances. I was astonished by the accuracy with which she connected the cards to various aspects of my past, present, and even potential future paths.

Maria´s Testimonial

I recently had the privilege of having a channeling session, and I can confidently say that it was an eye-opening and profoundly uplifting experience. As someone who was initially skeptical about the concept of connecting with spirit, I walked away from the session with a newfound sense of wonder and a deeper appreciation for the mysteries of the universe.

Nat´s Testimonial

Overall, my mediumship session was a transformative journey. It allowed me to witness the incredible bond that exists between the physical and spiritual realms and to recognize that we are all part of something greater than ourselves. I left the session with a profound sense of peace, knowing that our loved ones continue to watch over us and that there is a realm beyond our understanding, offering guidance and support.

Vivi´s Testimonial

I highly recommend experiencing a mediumship session to anyone who is open to exploring the spiritual realm. It is a beautiful reminder that love transcends time and space, and that there is a deeper connection that unites us all. Thank you to Andrea for facilitating such a touching and enlightening experience!

Caroline´s Testimonial

Thank you, Andrea, for the wonderful reading and inspiration. You were so spot on with your intuition, which was delivered in a very calm and clear manner. This was my second reading in six months, and it was interesting that the same things were coming up.
Many thanks

Laurence´s Testimonial

The reading with Andrea was different from any other ones I’ve had in the past. She really Channels and guide you for the best outcome. I left the session feeling happy and stronger in my heart. 

Marcel´s Testimonial

I have been consulting with Andrea for many years. I run my own
business and Andreas channelings and tarot card sessions formed and are forming part of the decision-making in quite a few situations. In moments where I am not sure how to approach a certain situation or what would be the best path to take in order to achieve the most
convenient outcome for everyone involved, I consult Andrea. The
sessions have always helped me to get a higher perspective on things and to see the bigger picture. More than often I realized after a tarot card reading for example, that the answer to my questions was already within me, but I was not aware, which shows how spot-on
Andrea’s readings are.

Andrea is as serious as she is knowledgeable and furthermore a very
gentle and kind person. It feels very comfortable dealing with her and the sessions are through and through natural and simply feel right. I
am very grateful to have Andrea as my spiritual advisor and I can only highly recommend a consultation with her.

Paula´s Testimonial

I contacted Andrea on the recommendation of an acquaintance and I was super satisfied with the session we had. Her treatment is super warm and her words resonated a lot with what I am experiencing. It also helped me to have more clarity on the path to follow in various aspects that were causing me conflict. Thank you!!

Marsha´s Testimonial

Andrea has a real gift. My skeptical teenager tested her and she did not disappoint. We got a message from grandmother who recently passed away and there is no doubt Andrea connected with her. Andrea also has a gentle way about her. She makes you feel comfortable and answers any questions you have. I’ve never encountered anything like this. Life changing and exactly what my daughter needed to ease her anxiety about the passing of her beloved grandmother

Sarah´s Testimonial

I came to Andrea filled with inner turmoil and indecisiveness, which was very unsettling to my inner peace. It was a beautiful experience to watch Andrea channel my spirit guides. Communicating directly with the Divine and receiving their messages has brought contentment and calm to my rapidly changing life. I was reassured I am making the correct decisions with a lot of spiritual support along my way. Andrea has empowered me to remain calm, use my inner strength, and manifest my dreams. The shift I feel was the push I needed to confidently continue on my path. I feel hopeful about my future, and I look forward to another appointment with Andrea.

Mary Beth´s Testimonial

If you have come this far to read the testimonials, then I need to encourage you – do not hesitate! Andrea’s channeling session provided the wisdom I needed to move forward because I was feeling “stuck” & not sure which direction to move next. I discovered Andrea on Instagram about a year ago, and I always loved her posts and stories – it was obvious that we were in alignment regarding our spiritual beliefs. I finally signed up for a channeling session to gain clarity on a business challenge that I was having. My only regret was how long I waited to sign up! So, don’t wait until the issue you’re seeking clarity on gets bigger. Rest assured, Andrea is the real deal. You won’t regret it!

Mary Beth Schrudder,
Day One Life Coaching

Alanna´s Testimonial

Andrea is beyond extraordinary. Andrea’s channeling and readings are like nothing else. She provided the most beautiful, deep, intuitive, and thoughtful information from my pets during channeling and then provided an amazing tarot card reading on separate topics. Her reading was positive, insightful, specific and so helpful to bring me the reassurance I needed going forward in my business. Her connection to read me specifically was also deeply profound as I felt her words and guidance described exactly where I was at and why, before then bringing reassurance along my new path and the decisions I can continue to make. Andrea is 150% the real deal. Her power, gifts, and connectedness to the source are undoubleable – not to mention her exquisite kindness and empathy. If you are seeking intuitive guidance and/or channeling, a session with Andrea is one of the most powerful and effective decisions you can make. I cannot recommend her more highly. The dollars spent on a beautiful session with Andrea will be the best money you have ever spent! Cannot recommend her enough! 

Danielle´s Testimonial

I came to Andrea because I needed some clarity but I left our session with a lot more than that. Her readings are insightful and inspires me to make changes so that I can welcome abundance into my life. She helps me let go of doubt, be present, and focus on the path that’s already set before me. Thank you, Andrea!

Jane´s testimonial

I had a channeling session with Andrea in May this year. It was my first time having this type of session and she was really amazing. She is so friendly and put me at ease immediately. The messages that I received from my loved ones were so nice and really made me so happy that I could connect with them through Andrea. She helped me to let go of a lot of negativity and past traumas. It was such a powerful session I would highly recommend it!! I look forward to seeing Andrea again soon.

A few weeks after our session I found out that I was pregnant 😍 I had been trying for 6 months but I think after the session I released a lot and it was time for a new baby.

Chitra´s chakra and aura healing testimonial

In my search for years on this spiritual path, I came to this wonderful channeling of chakras carried out by Andrea, an incredible session of connection with the world of the chakras, giving them life and understanding that they have consciousness and that they are working for your awakening on this path of infinite love and light.
1,000% recommended
Thank you very much, Andrea

Carol´s testimonial

I have always been a very analytical person who would hear the voice of my intuition, but needed facts to prove it. This always kept me in my head, so when I consulted with Andrea it was like a breath of fresh air and as if she released me from being held captive in my own mind. She gave me clarity that made sense to my analytical brain. Her advice was on point as if she had already known me and my situation. She is also very humble, kind, and gracious which makes her extremely approachable.

Leslie from Karma Skincare´s testimonial

I attended a private session with Andrea from  Fortuna Living and was found her to be a truly, naturally gifted individual who immediately put me at ease with her calm, tranquil presence.  Her deeply connected honesty allowed me to gain more clarity into which direction I needed to explore for which I am very grateful. 

Gaby´s testimonial

It was the first time I had a tarot session, and I am very happy I finally dared to do it.

Andrea made the session fun but professional, addressing sensitive issues with the most respect.

Carmen´s testimonials

I felt great at the session with Andrea. She was clear and precise and guided me with the message the cards wanted to express. It helped me make an important decision, and realize that even though sometimes the news we hear is hard to accept, we must be open to the world of possibilities we have.

Camila´s tarot session testimonial

I was surprised as to how the session developed, I now believe the spirit is more than what we know. I am glad I took the chance to share this moment with Andrea.

Gloria´s Testimonial

The experience at the session with Andrea was very special and gave me messages that will help me with my well-being. Sometimes you are looking for one thing and find another better. This is what happened with Andrea.

Dani´s testimonial

The session was more in-depth and detailed than expected. I appreciate the respectful way in which Andrea explains what she sees, I will consult with her again.

Quim´s Testimonial

When stuck in a rut I like to have a session to clear my mind and connect with my intuition. I like her way of working with the soul, more in tone with this new era of personal evolution.

Private testimonial

I thank Andrea for her time and patience. All the answers were meticulously described and very detailed. It was a self-discovery experience I will definitely repeat.

Ana´s testimonial

I really enjoyed my session with Andrea. I recommend you give her sessions a try, especially those who are unsure about tarot.

Colin´s testimonial

Having a session with Andrea took me to a new level of understanding and appreciation for every detail that life offers day to day that I usually overlook. The session has helped me observe myself more and change what was toxic in me. I always return because of her sensitivity. Thank you!

Estefanía´s testimonial

I have never had the experience of a card reading because of the fear of what they might say. Andrea has changed the way I see this experience: It helps to understand how people´s destiny is marked and put into practice personal growth tips. Without a doubt an experience I will definitely repeat and recommend 100%.

Michelle´s testimonial

My experience with Andrea was a vision at first sight. She is very sweet and polite and since the beginning made me feel at home with the session. It was all great and very clear to understand. Choice, options, lift the veil of what might become of our decisions is important to walk life in balance.

Johanna´s testimonial

We had a lovely reading in January with predictions that, to me, seemed almost impossible. Everything happened just as Andrea described it.

Claudio´s testimonial

Surrendering to the session with Andrea has been a journey to the depths of my being. Each session is a process of learning and self-discovery that Andrea with great talent, delicacy, and above all wisdom, accompanies you to make conscious that part of yours that you need to be able to see and go through aspects of yourself and life to move forward with greater clarity. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know themselves a little more.

Let’s make something beautiful together.