Online protocol for your Hypnotherapy session

For the hypnosis session we’ll need about an hour, where you can be quiet and comfortable, lying down or sitting in a way that your back and neck are supported as the relaxation will make your head nod or slightly roll.

Then I’ll need you to have your hands on your lap facing up in a way that I can see them on the screen during our call.

If possible is recommended to have a headset on you, or be in a quiet room so my voice can be heard clearly through your device.

A stable internet connection is important as much as you consciously preparing the space for your session making sure all devices are set to silence, the space where you will have the session is quiet and will remain undisturbed during the duration of the session. Important is to take care of yourself, making sure all your needs are taken care of to avoid discomfort or interruptions during the session (e.g., going to the toilet).

Looking forward to work together.