Channeling modalities and protocol

We will meet in person at an agreed location and will proceed with the channeling. We can meet at Samdhi Center in Portimao or the home of the person interested in the session.
We will start with a short meditation to ground ourselves and create a safe, comfortable space energetically.
Then I will connect with my channel, and we will start the work.
We can receive messages from the Divine, the consciousness of another person, beings like our guides or higher self, or an illness or a pet.
Depending on the person’s desire to connect with one or the other, I will call the consciousness and proceed with a Q&A.
We can connect to different consciousness during the duration of the session.
After connecting with each consciousness, I will take a few seconds to “reboot,” and then we will continue the work.
It is necessary for the person requesting the session to know the consciousness to be called upon and, preferably, to have the questions prepared.
The sessions are recorded and sent after processed.

Via Videocall:
We will arrange a meeting time and start the session via video call ( Messenger, Whatsapp, Zoom, or Skype).
After that, the rest of the procedure will be the same.

We will arrange a time when I will start the channeling. Then, the person requesting the channeling will send me the consciousness wished to be contacted and the questions. I will then go into the channel and follow the same procedure as every session.

We do the work respectfully, this is, every time we connect with consciousness/ source, we thank them for being with us, and we make each question in a calm tone. When the time to say goodbye to the consciousness contacted comes, we will give thanks and let them go, just as if we had the other person taking the time to attend our meeting. It is important to understand that this modality is not for divination purposes. For that I can assist you with a tarot counseling session.

The sessions are 60 minutes long for a value of 90€.

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