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Releasing Attachments with Ho-oponopono

*New Guided Meditation*“Releasing attachments, habits and grief with Ho oponopono” is now available on my Insight Timer teacher’s profile.A beautiful guided meditation to let go of all that doesn’t serve us making space for the new.Like here: ……..#insighttimer #practicemeditation #insighttimerapp #raisingmyvibration #lovemeditation #riseyourvibration #donthatemeditate #getgrounded #meditationsoul #spiritjunkies #spiritualwellness #spritualgrowth #raisingvibrations #mindfulmeditation #intuitivecoach #chakrasaligned #liveyourbestlifenow #selfcaretimeContinue reading “Releasing Attachments with Ho-oponopono”

Channeled Message: Grief

Grief is one of the most painful human feelings. The sensation of loss is something that you have come here to learn. As humans, you have the most beautiful array of emotions available at your disposal. And when you are confronted with grief, you touch on those dark areas of the self that need toContinue reading “Channeled Message: Grief”

Meditation supplements

Meditation is more than an action or the lack of action, to sit in one space, closing your eyes, and breathing. Meditation is more than waiting for the absence of thought and emotion to touch the void of the infinite spirit and soul that inhabits within the body. All those silent, focused moments we experienceContinue reading “Meditation supplements”


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I am Andrea. I am a channeler and spiritual coach/counselor bringing spirituality and entrepreneurship together. Focus, flow, abundance mentality, and self-care. I use my gifts, experience, and different techniques to help entrepreneurs and professionals in all areas to reconnect with their spirituality, helping when in need of a boost, bringing balance and an uplifted mindset to navigate through life and business in a coherent, meaningful, happy, and healthy way.

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