June 2023: Channeled message

The light of the sun is rising yet again. It’s coming upon you on this side of the Earth with new messages and new light codes and, new energizing surprises that will make you be more active in the electromagnetic part of your brains. Summer is a call for happiness and joy and sharing andContinue reading “June 2023: Channeled message”

May 2023: Channeled message

Go and spend time in nature. To spend time in nature is not only a thing that you could call a fad or a fashion thing. You spend way too much time behind closed doors, in between constructions and buildings and objects that are made from nature, but are not nature itself, that are notContinue reading “May 2023: Channeled message”

April 2023: Channeled message

As far as life goes, There is always a new role, there is always a new goal. There is always a new priced possession. There is always a new shining object. There is always a new paradigm. The one thing that never changes, that you are divine. That you have a divine spark and aContinue reading “April 2023: Channeled message”

March 2023: Channeled message

In this time of the season, the changes that are coming are disruptive ones, especially if you have been stuck in your seat, not moving, pretending to keep a status quo that gives you some sense of security and peace. Life is ever-changing and ever-evolving. And this March will be not just passing on aContinue reading “March 2023: Channeled message”

Winter, A Channeled Message

All the sea takes, the sea returns. Everything that the seas of your subconscious has picked up over time, return to you as behaviors, routines, beliefs, actions and reactions for you to see. And just as anything the sea took and brought back to the shores of the beach, it’s there for you to pickContinue reading “Winter, A Channeled Message”

Download a copy of my chapter from the co-authored book “How to be Happy”

Holiday season is coming. 2022 has been quite the year, life keeps changing and we keep on trying to adapt and flow with the river of life. Because of this, I have decided to share the book chapter of the co-authored book I was invited to write about how to be happy. No email required.Continue reading “Download a copy of my chapter from the co-authored book “How to be Happy””

Autumn, A Channeled Message

There are subtle divisions between seasons, and divisions in life as well. After a hot summer where you felt your body being strained by the heat you also realized the need to make changes at a physiological level for your health, yourself. Autumn comes as an invitation to take refuge and start a new routine,Continue reading “Autumn, A Channeled Message”

The Holistic Algarve Experience

Attention to all professionals in the Algarve! I’m proud to be part of the IG @holistic_algarve community, helping professionals further their careers by bringing well-being, healing, spirituality and mindfulness to be better at life and businesses. I invite you to go to https://www.eventbrite.com/…/the-holistic-algarve… to get tickets to the evevnt It’ll be hosted at the gorgeousContinue reading “The Holistic Algarve Experience”

CBD oil as a super supplement

When I started taking CBD oil and sharing the news, I realized the stigma around all cannabis and hemp-based/derived products. I usually get the question: “does it make you high?” or the assumption: “you must be a cannabis user then.” On the other hand, sometimes, when I share I am taking CBD oil, others takeContinue reading “CBD oil as a super supplement”

Releasing Attachments with Ho-oponopono

*New Guided Meditation*“Releasing attachments, habits and grief with Ho oponopono” is now available on my Insight Timer teacher’s profile.A beautiful guided meditation to let go of all that doesn’t serve us making space for the new.Like here:https://insig.ht/PgNSROYcUpb?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=live_stream_share ……..#insighttimer #practicemeditation #insighttimerapp #raisingmyvibration #lovemeditation #riseyourvibration #donthatemeditate #getgrounded #meditationsoul #spiritjunkies #spiritualwellness #spritualgrowth #raisingvibrations #mindfulmeditation #intuitivecoach #chakrasaligned #liveyourbestlifenow #selfcaretimeContinue reading “Releasing Attachments with Ho-oponopono”