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Picture: Karolina Grabowska

Here you will find a historical of articles I´ve writen, published in different magazines, and other media collaborations

An ongoing collaboration with My Way Radio, podcasts about spirituality and healing every day.


Female energy to transfrom the world from within

Women´s Quarterly Magazine

Summer Inspiration Issue

Page 36

Url: Women’s Quarterly Magazine (

What is Channeling?

Tomorrow Magazine

July 2021 Edition, print and online version

Page 44 printed version

Page 112 online version

Url: Tomorrow Magazine – July 2021 (Printed Version) (

Full Moon and Super Full Moon, The Light on The Hidden Wounds

Wiches Magazine

Issue #9 Print

Url: Summer 2021 #9 PRINT | Witches Magazine

Solstice: A Channeled Message
A channeled message
Witch Magazine
Issue 19

Url: Digital Issues (

What is a witch?
A channeled message
Witch Magazine
Issue 18, page 30

Url: WITCH Issue 18 by Witch Magazine – issuu

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