Picture: Karolina Grabowska

Here you will find a historical of articles I´ve writen, published in different magazines

Female energy to transfrom the world from within

Women´s Quarterly Magazine

Summer Inspiration Issue

Page 36

Url: Women’s Quarterly Magazine (

What is Channeling?

Tomorrow Magazine

July 2021 Edition, print and online version

Page 44 printed version

Page 112 online version

Url: Tomorrow Magazine – July 2021 (Printed Version) (

Full Moon and Super Full Moon, The Light on The Hidden Wounds

Wiches Magazine

Issue #9 Print

Url: Summer 2021 #9 PRINT | Witches Magazine

Solstice: A Channeled Message
A channeled message
Witch Magazine
Issue 19

Url: Digital Issues (

What is a witch?
A channeled message
Witch Magazine
Issue 18, page 30

Url: WITCH Issue 18 by Witch Magazine – issuu

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