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Awaken the Magic Within. 
Saturday, Sept 30th at 17h (CET)
Morning Rituals for Stress Relief and Self-Esteem.

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Harness the Power of Self-Talk

Learn how self-talk impacts your mental and physical health for a happier life.


Daily Magical Rituals: (A mix of meditation and self-hypnosis audios)

Discover how daily magical audio sessions can transform your mind, boost confidence, and reduce stress.


Gifts of Magical Audios

Join us to receive a free magical audio during the event, and take home three more for ongoing stress relief and enhanced self-esteem. Awaken your inner magic!

Event Hosts

Katherin Navarro Brand
Entrepreneur, Founder of Magical Audios

Andrea Ramirez, Fortuna Living.

Hypnotherapist and Meditation Coach

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I am Andrea Ramírez, founder of Fortuna Living. I am a hypnotherapist, channeler and spiritual consultant/counselor bringing spirituality, business, and entrepreneurship together. Practical, down to Earth spirituality is my goal for greater focus, flow, confidence, mindset, and self-care. Well-being is my highest value, and so, I share my knowledge with the main focus on all-around well-being, from spirit. Spirit is our essence, who we really are. The source of peace and wisdom. Bringing a spiritual practice into being and applying it to our highest good is my purpose: to share knowledge and experience with the world in hopes to facilitate the healing and well-being of ourselves through different techniques. I offer all these tools for your holistic wellness: Hypnotherapy, Channeling, Tarot for personal evolution, Reiki, and guided meditations.

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