June 2023: Channeled message

The light of the sun is rising yet again. It’s coming upon you on this side of the Earth with new messages and new light codes and, new energizing surprises that will make you be more active in the electromagnetic part of your brains.

Summer is a call for happiness and joy and sharing and spending time under the sun. It’s a joyful time. This light is not only to suit you, but also to energize you and charge every cell of yourself like a battery. You need this light energy to continue to rise in this new reality that is unfolding in your world.

Take the sun as if it were vitamins. The sun is the vehicle in which all new information and upgrades, tuning up for the new information for your DNA, for your nervous system, for your electromagnetic system, for the coherence of all your cells is coming.

The sun is the vehicle, the messenger, and mainly the medicine that is coming to you this summer. The best sun is in the morning. The best sun is during the golden hour. It’s two different types of energies and you should make sure that you take time for both. The same way you take one vitamin in the morning and one vitamin in the evening, make sure that you take vitamin sun twice a day as well.

And every time you go under the sun, ask however you call that higher power (God, the Divine, etc.) to give you and bring you the energy, messages, wisdom, clarity, all the upgrades, perfected health: biologically, energetically, psychologically, subconscious, conscious strength, power, and the activation of all the gifts that you brought with yourself here in this life.

 The sun is the magnificent messenger. This year, go out in the sun and take advantage of this energy. Never mind the world. This is the time to come together with this direct download of information and energies that are here to help you evolve and develop into the new human of this earth. The new human, the child of the universe. With wisdom, with power, with courage, with fun, with love, caring, sharing, loving, happy.

Ask for each and every quality that you wish to have more of in your life when you are under the sunshine, for this is the greatest gift of your life. This time, summer comes bearing gifts and this is how you will change your life from the inside out: from a personal level out into the world.

Imagine if each one of you in the world did this. What a wonderful world this would be!. Start practicing, start downloading this information and ask the divine to shower everyone with this love. So whatever darkness and incongruence, any lower vibrational darkness is expelled from the reality of this world, and  expelled from the reality of each one of you, the reality of every country, of every dimensional frequency.

Ask for this light to flood every fabric of your reality: in your personal woeld and as humanity as well. May many blessings shine upon you all, beautiful creation of beautiful Earth. Thank you.

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I am Andrea Ramírez, founder of Fortuna Living. I am a hypnotherapist, channeler and spiritual consultant/counselor bringing spirituality, business, and entrepreneurship together. Practical, down to Earth spirituality is my goal for greater focus, flow, confidence, mindset, and self-care. Well-being is my highest value, and so, I share my knowledge with the main focus on all-around well-being, from spirit. Spirit is our essence, who we really are. The source of peace and wisdom. Bringing a spiritual practice into being and applying it to our highest good is my purpose: to share knowledge and experience with the world in hopes to facilitate the healing and well-being of ourselves through different techniques. I offer all these tools for your holistic wellness: Hypnotherapy, Channeling, Tarot for personal evolution, Reiki, and guided meditations.

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