March 2023: Channeled message

In this time of the season, the changes that are coming are disruptive ones, especially if you have been stuck in your seat, not moving, pretending to keep a status quo that gives you some sense of security and peace. Life is ever-changing and ever-evolving. And this March will be not just passing on a new page of life at large, but also changing chapters or, even changing and starting a whole new book.

Change scares people, but in reality, without change, there is no evolution. A great evolutionary shift starts in March. Moving forward with the force and the energy of a thousand waves. Some people might surf them, some people might get dragged away by them and some other people might observe the waves from a vantage point, it all depends not only on how you observe your life to be but also on how are you conducting your life. When you try to keep the status quo of things, things become rigid until they crack and they fall. The fact that as a human, you are born with one body and one form and you go through all these processes throughout your lifetime until the time you may pass, it’s also change and evolution.

This time, what’s coming up? You need to know that you have to be open to life and that you must see what is it in your life that you must change. What is it in your life that is becoming blocks and not stepping stones to move forward or upwards in your life? What are the parts in your beliefs, in your behaviors, in your routines, in your addictions that are stiff-fixated, not moving?

What are the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and concepts that are keeping you corseted, and unable to move? Have you put this upon yourself or have you acquired this from somewhere else? The exercise of observation must be not only for your personal life but also for what’s happening in the world right now, from all points of view.

Not just what the media tells you, not just what your family and friends tell you, but also what you can see from the eyes of your heart, from the eyes of a higher understanding of yourself, of your soul.

Many things will be seen during this month as a kickstart of a new era of very fast evolution. A big shift in the way you see the world and experience the world. What it’s important now is to come back to the heart.

And what do we mean by coming back to the heart? The heart center has a coherent wavelength, that calls for unity, that is divine. If you connect with this power of the heart, the power of the heart vibration, the heart energy, you will enter into a space of coherence connection to your axis, and reconnection to your soul. And this will allow you to have strong roots on the earth that will make you more balanced and malleable when the time for change comes.

Because you will be strong in your strength, in your center, but at the same time you will be ready to move and bend as life requests. It’s a time to be cheerful. It’s a time to be observing. It’s a time to make changes joyfully, in a way that it is a lifestyle change and not only something that you will try for a short period. The time to formalize your relationship with yourself has come now.

This is a new time you’re going. This is a new time you are headed to, the time of being connected and committed to yourself. To take care of your body, to take care of your soul, to take care of your mind and your thoughts. To take care of the energies you interact with. To take care of everything you consume. To take care of your body towards the outside, to create the world and the environment and the home you wish to live, to inhabit.

The change must come from the inside, and this evolution and revolution of daily habits come from the inside of what’s good for you. One size does not fit all, for you are unique. And in that uniqueness you need to find the best ways to suit your body, your needs, the food, and everything necessary for your evolution, for your personal higher vibration, for your personal development, and for the personal creation, manifesting and materializing of the life that you wish to live here in this world.

Life can come with great tests. At times, it’s up to you if you let that wave roll you under it or if you trust and let that wave take you to the calm sands of the beach where you will find, support, and sustain. It´s this time we tell you to take care of yourselves truly, to commit to yourself in this new stage of your lives not only personally, but at large as humanity in this world.

Become more conscious of what you consume and become more conscious of how you interact with your environment. Live your life and treat your body in the way you wish to be treated and in the way you wish your world to be: with kindness, with respect, with truth, with openness, with genuine interest, with trust.

This is a time to shift. This is a time to change direction from manic, panic, addictions, distractions, and evading, to formalizing, signing this life contract with yourself, ordering yourself, taking care of yourself, cleaning yourself up, and reintroducing in your system all the things that are good for you.

Bring about reality through your physical body, and it will later manifest in the material world around you. Honor the vehicle that you’re living in. It’s only here for a short period. It´s your home until it’s time to go and leave Earth. It´s a marvelous miracle machine. It is the vehicle that helps you navigate through life. Honor it. Take care of it as if it was your proudest possession. Take care of it, honor it, and love it.

 And in the way you treat your temple, in the way you treat your vehicle, this is how your material reality will unfold in front of you. You will see that the more you take care of yourself, the more reality takes care of itself. And more of the good things keep coming.

Look at yourself, and look at your inner reality with the eyes of love, with the eyes of gentleness, with caring eyes, loving eyes towards yourself, and the world will open up like a flower in front of you, bringing beautiful colors and gifts. Because as it is inside, it is outside.

Open your eyes to a new reality that it’s unfolding. And every time you need help, just ask. Thank you.

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I am Andrea Ramírez, founder of Fortuna Living. I am a hypnotherapist, channeler and spiritual consultant/counselor bringing spirituality, business, and entrepreneurship together. Practical, down to Earth spirituality is my goal for greater focus, flow, confidence, mindset, and self-care. Well-being is my highest value, and so, I share my knowledge with the main focus on all-around well-being, from spirit. Spirit is our essence, who we really are. The source of peace and wisdom. Bringing a spiritual practice into being and applying it to our highest good is my purpose: to share knowledge and experience with the world in hopes to facilitate the healing and well-being of ourselves through different techniques. I offer all these tools for your holistic wellness: Hypnotherapy, Channeling, Tarot for personal evolution, Reiki, and guided meditations.

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