Autumn, A Channeled Message

There are subtle divisions between seasons, and divisions in life as well.

After a hot summer where you felt your body being strained by the heat you also realized the need to make changes at a physiological level for your health, yourself.

Autumn comes as an invitation to take refuge and start a new routine, a new path, a new set of choices of how to live life in a way that it’s better and healthier for your body, for your environment.

By environment, we not only mean Earth but your home, the place you work, your car, and any place you spend time surrounding yourself.

Autumn comes again as a time to gather all the pieces, gain strength, and make the changes necessary for your life. You saw in summer all the things that make you feel good, all the things that make you feel not so good, not only in your relationships but also in your physiological body.

We would like to commend you to follow this new path of taking care of your body until the end of this year.

Your body is like a giant receptor, an antenna that is bringing all the universal vibrations to Earth through you.

The way you take care of yourself and your body is the way you translate your energy here onto Earth. This signature energy you’re all transmitting for yourselves, you also transmit it here into the Earth.

You are energetically anchored in Gaia.

Gaia is a source of immense abundance. Gaia is a source of consciousness, an immense source of unconditional love, healing, and nurturing because she is part of your body,  you are made of her.

The vibrations you pick up from the universe and bring into the Earth are helping the body of Gaia and your human body to become stronger, and resilient, so no matter what thing might happen on Earth, no matter what the reality the TV shows show, the papers, the news, the press, the greater prevailing reality is the Universal reality. The universal vibrations that are incoming now onto Earth in this very special moment for you as a human and for Gaia.

The first step of this revolution will be to honor your body, take care of it, love it, look at your diet without following any fad, fashion, or trend, to truly look into your body and nurture it with what it needs.

It doesn’t matter if you cannot have access to superfoods and fancy organic meals. The Earth is there to provide, and whatever you need, you will get.

Whatever foods come to your table, you will have the possibility to clean them, bless them, and ask your body to the best of its abilities to consume that precious living food and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you or is not good for you.

And this counts for all food groups in balance.

Drink purified water, as you are mostly made of water, and water connects with your emotional level, and connects you with life.

Take care of the waters in your body.

There is a great shift coming, and you need to be prepared physically to receive this new download of information and energies that are coming onto Earth.

The higher you can vibrate, the healthier you are, and the more energy that you can pass through your body.

You are like a beautiful antenna, a cable making the connection of the Holy Child between Father Universe and Mother Earth. Because that’s who you are. The better you are standing, the better quality of life you will have. And everywhere you go, the better quality of life that you will manifest for yourself, the better reality you will manifest.

So, I thank you for allowing yourself to remember who you are, to remember how important your physical biological bodies are.

Regardless of all the stupid propaganda telling you what is good, right, perfect or wrong about the biological miracle machine you’re living in, respect it, establish a dialogue with it, and take care of it. And if you need help, ask for help to understand it better and to find what is best for the signature of your biological body.

Nurture yourself, take care of yourself. Spend time in nature, in communion with nature. Connect with the sky, connect with your heart. And you will see, by the time the great shift comes by the beginning of next year, you’re going to feel that no matter what changes and shifts happen, you will be fine. You will be ready and prepared to walk the path of life in holy connection and communion within Father Sky and Mother Earth. Blessed you are. Thank you.

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