CBD oil as a super supplement

When I started taking CBD oil and sharing the news, I realized the stigma around all cannabis and hemp-based/derived products. I usually get the question: “does it make you high?” or the assumption: “you must be a cannabis user then.” On the other hand, sometimes, when I share I am taking CBD oil, others takeContinue reading “CBD oil as a super supplement”

Releasing Attachments with Ho-oponopono

*New Guided Meditation*“Releasing attachments, habits and grief with Ho oponopono” is now available on my Insight Timer teacher’s profile.A beautiful guided meditation to let go of all that doesn’t serve us making space for the new.Like here:https://insig.ht/PgNSROYcUpb?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=live_stream_share ……..#insighttimer #practicemeditation #insighttimerapp #raisingmyvibration #lovemeditation #riseyourvibration #donthatemeditate #getgrounded #meditationsoul #spiritjunkies #spiritualwellness #spritualgrowth #raisingvibrations #mindfulmeditation #intuitivecoach #chakrasaligned #liveyourbestlifenow #selfcaretimeContinue reading “Releasing Attachments with Ho-oponopono”

Co-Authoring the Book : How to be Happy?

I am happy to announce I have become the co-author of the book: How to be Happy – Is it your mindset? I share about spirituality and entrepreneurship and how life took me from a near-death experience to living a life where I can help, and hopefully, inspire people to heal their lives and businessesContinue reading “Co-Authoring the Book : How to be Happy?”

What is hypnosis and how can it improve our lives?

Have you noticed that there are days when you get in your car and arrive at your destination without realizing how you got there? This is the perfect example of a trance state. Driving on autopilot through our subconscious is a form of trance or hypnosis. Every day we are unconsciously hypnotizing ourselves. If weContinue reading “What is hypnosis and how can it improve our lives?”