Channeled Message: Grief

Grief is one of the most painful human feelings.

The sensation of loss is something that you have come here to learn.

As humans, you have the most beautiful array of emotions available at your disposal. And when you are confronted with grief, you touch on those dark areas of the self that need to be healed and pay attention to them.

When we say darkness, we don’t mean evil. Like the example of the sun casting light onto an object, there is always a shadow cast behind it.

You live in a reality where both are true and real, and they belong to each other.

When we talk about the darkness, we talk about all those emotions that evoke sadness, feelings of loss, grief, and loss of control.

But have you noticed that when you try to control the most, you find yourself the most stuck in your reality?

Have you noticed that life gets more challenging when you try so hard to hang on to everything you have physically, mentally, and emotionally?

Grief tells you there are greater truths, and nothing ever is lost.

You miss those  you cry for, but those who seem gone from your reality perspective are now being liberated into their original form:

An ecstatic, immense, expanded state of energy to become one with Source, with creation, with Spirit; the absence of physicality, pain, and sorrow.

And to live in this ecstatic movement that Spirit is.

They will never forget you.

They come to your life, experience all they have to live, All they have chosen to experience. And when it’s time to go back to Source, to Spirit, sometimes the connections created between each other when they are gone hurt.

Never let them go with pain. Never let them go with sadness.

As this is but a transformation.

It’s the end of their time and lesson on Earth.

When it’s time for them to leave after having experienced a lifetime, they come back to Spirit with this brand new information processed through them.

And they’re free.

You could say they are happy. And they enter into a state of self that is much greater, evolved, and expanded.

The human experience is one of the hardest to experience. But only the brave dare to do it. The lesson as humans is to look at reality, look at yourself, and see that there is love in absolutely everything.

We won’t go too much into other subjects because we’re talking about helping grieving people.

In your society, death is a bad thing. It’s the end of everything, a loss. But death is just as natural and as important as birth.

When you die in this reality, you are being birthed in a different dimension. You will continue to learn lessons, have your experiences, rest if you must, and share with other consciousness and the collective of souls, Spirit, the higher Spirit of Source.

And then decide if you wish to leave the realm of Spirit for a little bit. And when you leave, you still keep an ever so slight connection to go back to Earth and continue learning more.

When you suffer, you suffer not only for those who have gone but also for your loss. It’s hard to say, but it is the ego that cries and suffers.

Sometimes you wish for something so much, but nothing is ever forever or written in stone. Even the seasons change. If there were only summer or only winter, you would never experience the full spectrum of what life, Earth does, what Earth gives and takes.

And you suffer because death looks like something is gone and wasted forever. But nothing is ever gone or destroyed. Even in your science, you have this first principle. That the energy never disappears. It only transforms. And this is precisely what is happening.

Every time somebody leaves, there will be a void in your reality. But it would help if you also learned that that energy never really goes. It only transforms.

So the love you received from a brother that is no longer there, maybe you will receive from a neighbor and friends that, with little tokens of appreciation, will remind you of his love.

If you have lost grandparents, that energy is never gone. It only transforms. And maybe the love you felt you received from them will feel blooming like a flower inside of yourself, as if it had transformed and transferred into your own heart.

Maybe you will see it on the children around you doing things similar to what those souls that have left did.

Maybe you will listen to a song, look at a picture, or even smell food, and they are there.

They are present because love exists forever in everything. And whatever you think should have been the optimum time or lifetime for that person seemingly gone from your reality; you don’t know what their life plan was.

You don’t know what they came here to do.

Sometimes, when you seemingly lose someone from your life, that loss was also arranged for you to learn something about yourself and your reality and what is around you, but it’s paramount that you know from the inside out.

What is the divine purpose of this happening to me? Focus on the love and all the good things that came from them. And whatever is it that you believe or you don’t believe, you can always connect with your very own heart and ask for a blessing to understand which part of yourself is really crying, and suffering at this moment, and ask for blessings to understand what is it that needs to be learned from this situation.

Sometimes, it is a mirror to live the lives others could not live because of their insecurities and shortcomings.

Sometimes is to better your life in a physical form, through the foods you eat, through the physical activities you do.

Another one is maybe going through your beliefs. What is it that you believe? Are those beliefs setting you free or keeping you clamped down to the same spot on the ground?

Is that how you want to live your life? Is that how you want to experience the world and your reality?

Did you put your love in someone else instead of loving yourself first?.

Recognize yourself as the lovely being you are, realize that you are surrounded by so much love, and don’t feel as if you have lost part of that love because that person is gone, because dear, that love lives within you now.

That’s the lesson.

And when you think your experience can help others, you conclude that everything that has happened makes you a better person.

You can share from a place of love without judgment.

You can share from a place of experience without arrogance.

You can share from a place of freedom, without control.

You all suffer differently because you all came to this Earth to learn and experience something different.

It’s always in your best interest to be an investigator of the soul and investigate your triggers, wants, needs, wishes, what hurts you, controls you, makes you happy, what makes you sad, and why?

Where does that motivation come from? Where is the root of why you feel or think or believe you want this or that for your life?

When grieving, take that opportunity to let out all the emotions you had bottled up but only for a moment, and then let it go and say thank you.

Thank you for this great liberation.

Thank you, for now, I understand that this person’s Spirit, soul, and being is currently free, has completed its task, its mission here on Earth, and now has left to be with Spirit.

Thank you for this liberation of my emotions that helped me clean up the house of my soul and empty it from anything that doesn’t serve me anymore, at least at an emotional level.

And ask for advice to the soul to continue moving forward this time in a better way, creating a better existence, working in the excellence of the self that you already are, and liberating yourself from the things that don’t help you anymore.

And if you need help, ask, and if you don’t know anyone right now that might help you, ask soul.

Ask Spirit.

Whatever you believe in, ask for help, and help will come.

That person will show up, that book will show up, that podcast will show up, anything you need.

That message you need to hear that will pivot you in the right direction for your greatest good will show up.

Use this grief as a lesson to get to know yourself more, how you function, and how you process to honor life and appreciate life in you and everyone around you.

And say every day thank you for the blessing of being alive. No matter how hard you feel it might be at the moment, always say thank you for I am alive.

For I have another chance to continue to learn, to continue to heal, to continue to let go of the things that don’t serve me, to continue to bring things, people, ideas, energy in my life that will help me build a better present, always.

So when my time is done on Earth, I can leave with a heart full of love, content, happy to return home for a moment and check on all the lessons learned and perhaps see what is there to learn again as this is all a mystery to you.

But deep down in your soul, in your Spirit, you know where you come from and where you’re going, and you know your life is sacred for your time being on Earth.

So for those who leave, say a prayer, send a blessing with love.

And the greatest, greatest, greatest gift for you is they just come to you like a mirror in front of you to show who you are.

Learn about yourself, love the parts of yourself that you feel are unloved, and let them go if they can no longer accompany you to the next better version you are creating for yourself.

Grief doesn’t only happen when somebody from around us leaves.

Grief also happens when you let go of a part of you that you thought represented you, but it no longer does.

It might feel like a moment of melancholy, bouts of depression, wanting to cry or be alone. And that’s fine.

Go through the process of grief.

And as the night gives way to the day, the grief must give way to a new day, a burst of new sunshine, a new opportunity of creating your life differently, under a different light from the Spirit.

And you will see that this was a gift of liberation and send love to the old versions of yourself that had led you to come here where you currently are.

Send blessings to your future self so that your future self can also bless the version of yourself you are right now, to continue learning, growing from a place of love, respect, mindfulness, and power.

Power over self is the most extraordinary power. Take care of yourself during this time of grief. Take care of what you eat, what you think. Allow yourself to feel and empty yourself like a vessel to be ready to fill yourself up with the good stuff, with the good things.

Remember all the love and happy moments you spent with that person. And even if that person couldn’t share with you for one reason or another, remember all the love and happiness you felt towards that person and realize that love and joy continue to live within you.

And there is no way you could ever realize that you are loved or happy if these qualities did not exist already inside you.

We love you. We take care of you, and we ask you to ask whenever you need help.

Thank you.

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