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Meditation is more than an action or the lack of action, to sit in one space, closing your eyes, and breathing. Meditation is more than waiting for the absence of thought and emotion to touch the void of the infinite spirit and soul that inhabits within the body.

All those silent, focused moments we experience throughout the day such as moments of gratitude, savoring, and appreciation are also moments of meditation.

Meditation exists in our life far more often than we would like to admit. Let’s create a new denomination for meditation every time you sit down and taste your coffee without a thought in your mind because you are present in the moment having the experience with focused yet relaxed attention.

Let´s create a new denomination for that moment when you stop and look out of the window in the bus, or in the building you work, or at home. At that moment your mind is silent, and you are present.

Let´s call them meditation supplements!

Every time you close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out of your body, your mind, body, and soul are in meditation without thought or feeling, being present observing reality with detachment.

These small moments are not small in value at all. They are vitamins or supplements you take throughout the day for your mental health and physical health.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel like taking five, 10, 30 minutes, or one hour before going to work, on your work break, or when you come home from work to meditate. Instead, bring value to all those little experiences and make them sacred moments of meditation.

Just as looking at a nice picture evokes peaceful feelings, you can just observe, and connect with the peace within.

When you’re having your lunch, stop for a moment. Close your eyes, taste that food, and focus on your body taking care of that food nurturing you.

When you’re looking out of the window, honor that moment.

At that moment, create a little sanctuary for your mind to be free and observe in silent meditation.

These meditation supplements will build up a little bit each day, until one day you will spontaneously create a moment apart of your daily schedule, your routines, to meditate in silence, peace, reconnecting with yourself.

These moments dedicated to meditation create a lot of energy that revitalizes us from the inside out. The mind is designed to spend energy so when we worry and overthink, we feel depleted, tired, overworked, stressed.

Try this exercise every day: take those meditation pills in the little moments of your everyday life. Find pleasure in them. Feel the energy running through your body right after. Until this becomes a part of your life. Until you spontaneously create space whenever is convenient for you to meditate.

Meditation is healing.

Meditation is love.

Meditation is energy.

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