Success and Mindfulness, achieving goals holistically

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When setting the path to achieving a goal several things happen.

First, we start looking at everything else wrapped around the way between us and our goal: how other people are doing it to achieve their goals or goals similar to ours.

When we do this, we´re telling ourselves we´re gathering all the information possible from our environment to get the best tools, techniques, and tricks to achieve the desired goal. But most of the time, what we are doing is cluttering our minds with other people’s techniques, thoughts, ideas, and ways of doing things. As if one size fits all.

Being mindful is not being mind-full.

When we are standing on the path towards our goal, we must practice mindfulness every step of the way as if we were walking on a narrow path in a forest, where we can only see the next step we are making.

Walking towards a goal is a path of self-discovery and discovering how others can influence us positively or negatively.

To get to the desired goal, walking one step at a time will allow us to create a strong and defined path towards our achievements, just like a sculptor creates their art one chisel strike at a time, step by step, not rushing towards the final form.

This way we create more value than running, kicking, elbowing people to the side, filling our mind and our space with thoughts, people, books, videos, audios, and podcasts mindlessly trying to arrive at the finish line faster and better than anybody else, leaving our mental health on the way, burning out.

Maybe with those shark-like techniques, success can indeed be very big. So much so that it could be difficult to digest and transform it into something that serves us instead of us serving our life to the gods of success.

We might as well end up distracted and giving our energy to all those “one size fits all” techniques. Maye by the time we reach the goal, we’re not satisfied, unhappy, rendering that desired achievement meaningless.

When we mindfully walk towards our goals, awake and aware of every step of the way, we are creating value. Like Simon Sinek said: “There is a difference between running with all your heart with your eyes closed and running with all your heart with your eyes wide open.”

For most of our lives, we run towards a goal or an achievement with our eyes closed. Not wanting to mindfully look at the finer detail in everything.

We might achieve success, but maybe at a very high cost: our mental health, physical health, emotional health, or the health of the people around us, collaborators, friends, and family.

When we mindfully move towards our goal we see ourselves growing and becoming stronger. Creating meaning and value every step of the way, so by the time we reach the goal, it will stand the test of time. It will bring value, happiness, and fulfillment to our lives.

Mindfulness is growing in strength, in understanding.

Learning to flow.

Learning to deal and act on the situations instead of reacting.

So by the time we reach our goal, we will have the strength and the wisdom to manage that success, creating wealth for us and our collaborators, creating happiness and fulfillment to our life and the life of the people we love and care.

Work each step of the way, mindfully.

Mindfulness is one of the most precious keys to success to ever be handed to you.

Mindfulness applies to our business, career, and overall health: emotional, physical, mental, and the health of every relationship we have: from the person over the counter handing us the coffee every morning, colleagues, friends, and family.

Remember every day to mindfully bring value to our lives one step at a time walking mindfully on the path of life.

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