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Some people are already dropping some of their intentions list for this year because they are not achieving them, hence feeling bad and often panicked about it.

At the end or the beginning of each year, we get very enthusiastic and try to set new goals, wishes, and intentions to manifest that dream life, health, job, partner, money, and better standing in general.

But I feel that we are trying to manifest these new dreams from an old perspective.

Let me explain myself a little bit.

Even if you have taken a course learning new skills, ultimately the real change has to happen from the inside out.

Maybe we have been studying and learning new techniques that will help us from the outside to build wealth. But the frame of thought and belief system in our subconscious is the same old one.

To make a change in our lives, we need to work in that space, that starts from the time in our lives as children from zero to seven years old.

At that time in our lives, we don´t have any filters to process our reality. Everything that happened in our world made its way directly into our subconscious, modeling our self-worth programming A.K.A. wealth programming.

This subconscious system of beliefs or programming continues to build and evolve throughout our lives.

Experiencing bullying, dysfunctional parents, families, or relationships can make us feel not loved or good enough. In this case, it doesn’t matter how much energy or goodwill we put towards achieving our dream life by creating intentions lists.

At the very depth of our subconscious, we believe we are not worthy of prosperity and happiness. These feelings of unworthiness also translate into a lack of confidence, so when we don’t achieve our list of intentions we are immediately dragged to a place of fear.

We need to work on a change from the inside out.

How do we achieve this?

Energy healing can help us not only heal our body, keep us healthy and recuperate faster, but it also removes certain blocks and heal past situations.

Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis help us tap and change this profound programming written inside us in a powerful yet subtle way.

Channeling and tarot for personal evolution give us messages from spirit and the subconscious to see the picture of our lives from a detached perspective, or as quantum physics explains, from the perspective of the observer.

Using techniques and tools like energy healing and subconscious programming, we let go of faulty belief systems and unnecessary survival skills.

We acquire these defense mechanisms as shields that keep us from getting hurt, but also keep us from moving forward in life.

When we want to make a fundamental change in our life and say this is the year we’re achieving success, if we don’t believe that we are worth it, we will feel defeated immediately when something doesn’t go our way.

We need to look into a deeper aspect of self-worth.

It is more than a metaphysical concept, the concept of being in the flow and trusting the universe.

The universe is always there for us and only wants what is best for us. The universe is expressing itself through us. So why not have the best experience for us and everybody that is part of our reality?

The change must come from within.

Manifesting is like a tree that you grow from inside out into your reality. But for that, the roots need to go deep within ourselves, our subconscious, energy body, and biological body.

If you work and learn how to take care of your biological body, but still trash your mind with negative thinking and expressions like:” I’m so stupid, how did I do that?, I didn’t see it. I’m such a fool, I’m such an idiot”, we’re not doing the right thing.

If we wish to change our outer reality, we need to work on our inner reality. And this is something I have been working on with myself, clients, and friends.

Keep this in mind: find the right tools to help you change from the inside out. It is futile thinking that you will manifest anything in your life if you don’t manifest this already in your inside world.

Do you wish to manifest wealth and abundance? You must talk to yourself accordingly and work on your belief system related to wealth.

Do you wish to have real love in your life? Love must come from within, and you must work on the beliefs you have about love and self-worth.

I invite you to take a hard look inside and make your main priority manifesting a healthy core of beliefs that will express your true spirit on this Earth. Free of judgment.

Let’s make a number one goal for this year manifesting a healthier, more conscious self. Being awake and aware of the belief system that we hold and have the best life we could experience here on Earth.

Always remember the universe has your back, and those circumstances that might seem like problems today will bring their lesson and reward. If you allow it, this appearance of a problem will catapult you into the future as a new and better version of yourself giving you the power to manifest your dream life from a space of love and acceptance. Cultivate your inner wealth to manifest your outer riches.

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