2021-2022 experiences, hopes, and wishes

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2021 has been an interesting year indeed.

I have the feeling that the polarities between people are slowly beginning to dissolve. Even if ever so slightly. Even if it is because we are confronted with the very thing we said we could never be/do/like/experience.

I have experienced my own getting out of the proverbial shell by changing my mind and vision about people and places because when we become rigid, we break.

I have experienced that sometimes we let the beliefs other people have about who we are and what we do define us. I have experienced breaking free from that self-imposed corset and enjoy being myself: a human who loves fun, food, music and, a spiritual intuitive energy healer and channeler that can access subtle realities. Unapologetically.

I have experienced what I thought was disconnecting from my spiritual path when in reality experiencing life with all its ups and downs is the most spiritual of paths, if we learn to find the lesson in each triggering circumstance.

I have experienced that by practicing self-compassion and becoming my own mother/ nurturer and father/ disciplinarian I become more compassionate and observant when sharing with people.

I have experienced the fear of a draconian future as per the present circumstances the world is broadcasting through the idiot box ( a.k.a. TV). I have experienced hope because all we want as people is peace, to love and be loved and, our true human nature will not allow the darkness to take away the light. The light doesn´t destroy darkness, it illuminates (let that sink for a moment).

And I see that no matter the dire circumstances anyone might be in, for as long as you share a solution will come from somewhere in the form of an idea or practical lending of hand.

I have experienced that aging is what we make of it, taking care and learning more about our bodies will point us in the right direction to find the balance between healthy and junk eating/drinking monster.

I have experienced that sharing your story with people that have been through similar circumstances as you, will bring solace, understanding, and a beautiful connection as humans, as souls.

Nobody likes to hear about your illnesses or diseases, but I find it important to share without feeling shame or embarrassment as this can and will help someone with or without your knowledge. “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” —Nelson Henderson

 I am grateful for all the people reading this today. I am grateful for this transition year that brought crazy and sound. I accept them all because through that I learn and I test my philosophies. I am grateful for friends old and new and the ones I haven´t met yet. I am grateful for my newfound meaning of family that transcends social convention.

My wish for you and me for next year is to learn to navigate and re-discover our spiritual intuitive side, applying our logic with a pinch of intuitive salt to have a greater understanding of each situation happening in our life.

I wish that 2022 will bring a greater vision, dissolving the rigid structures in our minds. I wish for joyful expansion and healthy boundaries for protecting our precious energy.

I wish for all of us that 2022 will be the year when we will be more human, kinder.

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I am Andrea, founder of Fortuna Living. I am a channeler and spiritual coach/counselor bringing spirituality and entrepreneurship together. Focus, flow, abundance mentality, and self-care.

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