What is the LNT?

Andrea Ramirez Fortuna Living Spiritual Coaching

The LNT is a new physical, energetic, emotional, quantum, and spiritual healing.

In the words of its creator and founder Philippe Schiwidreski, the LNT is :

“More than 20 years ago, when I was working as a nurse and osteopath, something incredible changed my life and my understanding of health and disease.
At that time, I channeled such a powerful quantum healing system that it can heal our physical body and our emotional and spiritual body.
I understood that what most affects our health is the amount and strength of emotional or karmic traumas that we have experienced throughout our lives or inherited from our parents.
Through the different axes of LNT® healing, we reach and recognize these traumas, and we will work with them.
Because it is a quantum therapy, it is possible to do it both in-person and remotely, something essential given the current situation”.

I have the experience to use this technique with people suffering from stress and depression, and we have used the LNT as a complementary technique to help restore health to its optimum state. This therapy is versatile; I have also experienced excellent results in physical healing from autoimmune flair-ups to a twisted ankle.

I always advise using these energy techniques as support when we are going through any medical treatment and when our emotional world is out of balance.
I do most of the work remotely, and it is “programmed” to reach you while you sleep, for a period specific to each person depending on what we will work healing.
I encourage you to inquire about this new technique; it is so simple and effective I am in awe of its results.

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