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When we put together spirituality and entrepreneurship: we have a purpose; this marriage brings purpose to our life, not only to our business but to our life. When we live out of focus, we think the purpose is having your company on the Forbes list or be the best in the West, to be the most successful, to be the most shark-like to be even hated a little bit because you’re so good, that you even break other people just for you to win. Is that purpose?
To become a multimillionaire could have a purpose. But what service or value are you bringing to the world, so the energy of the money moves towards you and says: “hey, here I am. Let’s work together. Let’s do this”.

The purpose is not only an idea that we made in our mind about a goal that we want to achieve, because we all want to have millions in our bank account, of course, we all want to be abundant!.

Have wealth, be prosperous. But at the same time, we all want to have peace. We all want to be happy. We all want to be loved. We all want to be healthy. When our single purpose is to have X amount of money in the bank account, we are betraying ourselves.
If the only purpose is to have the most successful business, we are betraying ourselves.
Where are you in that equation? And most of all, how do you suppose you’re going to get that result if you are not even counting on yourself?
What kind of treatment are you going to have with your clients?
What kind of treatment are you going to have with your collaborators? What type of treatment are you going to have with the people that work for you?

It is essential to keep this in mind. The first person that should be standing in their two feet is you. The first person that should be in power is you. The first person that should have a purpose is you, and it comes from the heart. It comes from the soul. Purpose comes from spirit.

When you have something so valuable that you can bring to people, it doesn’t matter if another fifty thousand people are doing the same thing because there will be a differentiation with you.
And it’s going to be your energy, that’s going to be your fire, that’s going to be the way that you put your product out there, service, whatever it is.

But first, to move that tremendous amount of energy out to the world, you need to build that power within. And that’s when we need to address our mind chatter, our self-talk.
What do we truly believe about ourselves?
What do we truly want?
What are the mechanisms that we usually go to when we are confronted with a problem?
What are the usual mechanisms that we go to when we don’t feel satisfied?
We need to work on ourselves, put ourselves first, to be selfish. It’s OK, it’s great!.

If you don’t take care of yourself, what you eat, what you consume, what TV shows you watch, what podcasts you listen to, what kind of music you listen to, what kind of stuff you’re reading, what are you stuffing your subconscious with?
Look at all the most successful shows, TV series, or movies. Look at the most successful and realize the kind of crap that the whole world is consuming!. John Lennon said, “We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.”

So let’s keep this in mind. Let’s be conscious of everything we consume, everything we put in our minds, everything we put in our bodies. What are we consuming? what are we putting inside
ourselves? What kind of experience are we subconsciously programming ourselves to have in the future?
What are the concepts, ideas, and beliefs that you have about business? And what’s the purpose of a company? What is it that you gain when you are successful? Why do you want to be successful? How do you want to be successful? Who do you want to be successful for? And if you didn’t achieve success? What then?

Success comes from within. And people will feel attracted to you and your business once you bring this incredible energy from your spirit out to show it to the world.

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I am Andrea, hypnotherapist, channeler and spiritual consultant for entrepreneurs. I am the proud co-founder of MagicalAudios.com . Practical, down to Earth spirituality is my goal for greater focus, flow, confidence, mindset, and self-care.

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