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So a lot of what I do, I call spiritual coaching for entrepreneurs because of my own experience, what happened to me. I am a very spiritual person; for me, spirituality is not something that keeps your head in the clouds or that you believe in some power outside of yourself. For me, spirituality is something as simple as being mindful. Take care of your body, your mind,
your thoughts, the energy you spend, and the energy you invest in reconnecting with your intuition.

It holds all the wisdom within ourselves and has the answers to help us not connect too much with the mind. The mind can be advantageous in practical things if we wish to learn something that will help us in our career and profession. Something that we need to know to apply to get an outcome specifically.
But most of the time, the mind is the one that has control over our lives. And that translates as a load of mindless chatter, lots of negative thinking,
lots of going round and round and round things that we will always find a negative no matter how positive they might be.

We will always find something that won’t resonate with us, making us think that we are not worthy, that we’re not good enough, that we don’t know. When we connect to spirituality, we do it in the form that we reconnect with our inner power and inner peace. We reconnect with our authentic true self, spirit, which is over the mind.

When the mind is at the service of spirit and the soul, everything changes, the way we look at life, the way we feel about ourselves, and we can catch ourselves red-handed when we are going to that dark side, when we start overthinking, trashing ourselves and going in that self-destructive, procrastinating direction.

So for me, that is spirituality, and that is how I help mostly entrepreneurs reconnect with it, be in a better flow, and be in a better mindset when it comes to abundance when it comes to self-worth. And so far, the results have been excellent.
I use very different tools than a regular coach to help their clients, and they work wonders. I’ve had good results with people who have been very insecure when it comes to presenting their projects or having an important meeting to articulate what they do.

Because usually, what happens with entrepreneurs, as it happened to me, is that you get so caught in the race, the rat race, the matrix, however you want to call it, that you leave yourself on the way. And that happened to me. I got sick, so I was admitted to the hospital short before kidney failure. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and I have managed to help myself through the same practices that I’m using to help other entrepreneurs to prevent them from getting to such an extreme
state as I did.
Although sometimes that’s all that life has to shake us up and open our eyes.
Reconnecting entrepreneurs with spirituality is learning to be in a state of flow from within, establish the power inside you, shine on the outside and achieve lasting success in all areas of life.

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I am Andrea, founder of Fortuna Living. I am a channeler and spiritual coach/counselor bringing spirituality and entrepreneurship together. Focus, flow, abundance mentality, and self-care.

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