What is Ho oponopono?

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Podcast: What is Hooponopono?

Ho oponopono is an ancient practice rooted in Hawaiian tradition.
Ho oponopono means “bring back to perfection” or to correct the wrong.
Ho oponopono is a healing technique that helps erase memories or programs that create suffering in our life.
It was brought from Hawaii by Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len. This practice of self-healing suggests that all we experience is a reflection of ourselves. In the same situation, two people can have a negative and positive experience. These results are tied to each person´s inner works and suggest that the bad experience can be corrected with the practice of ho oponopono. When we take that responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, our behavior and words, we can start to recognize the areas that need healing and work on them.

Ho oponopono´s mantra is:
I am sorry: We contact Divinity within and recognize situations in our life that we are not happy with. We take responsibility to start healing those situations.
Forgive me: We ask forgiveness to ourselves, through the Divinity within for having created those circumstances.
I love you: We use the most powerful force that exists to dissolve any circumstance or blockage within us: Love.
Thank you: We show gratitude to the Divine within us, reflecting more gratitude and a positive flow to our life.
When saying this mantra regularly we are helping ourselves to erase memories moving on a path to achieve the zero state or neutral state, correcting the errors. That is, returning to an original state of perfection.
An important part of Ho oponopono is to remove yourself from the desired result. That is, not to start this practice with, for example, the goal of getting rid of debt to later let it go. We must understand that maybe the money problems aren´t related directly to lack of money itself, but other issues as self-value or self-love that might stem from early childhood memories or other experiences in life.
It is like peeling an onion, you go layer through layer and rest assured that life will show you all you need to heal and will bring miracles your way once you have liberated and erased memories that were keeping you from experiencing life to your best benefit.
In the process of healing with this technique, there´s no looking for a guilty party, but rather clearing the mind and the subconscious mind of negative memories or programs. Love supports and heals everything happening inside you, and you can resolve any issue by taking responsibility and working on it with this magical practice.

Like Claudio San Martin, founder of Introyoga says: “Sometimes the techniques are so simple, they disappoint the ego”.
And that is Ho oponopono.
Simplicity is charged with miracles.

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I am Andrea, hypnotherapist, channeler and spiritual consultant for entrepreneurs. I am the proud co-founder of MagicalAudios.com . Practical, down to Earth spirituality is my goal for greater focus, flow, confidence, mindset, and self-care.

One thought on “What is Ho oponopono?

  1. How wonderful to read something written by someone who ‘understands’. Ultimately we are all already at Zero, it’s the clouds of memories created by the choices we’ve made that make it seem so different.

    I am no exception, so I write neither out of piety, nor pride.

    I tend to think of our true nature as being as the sunlight. It shines continuously, yet masked by clouds it casts shadows upon the ground. We take this to be reality.

    The clouds are, of course, are memories (karmic data from past lives, and ancestors). The shadows on the ground, the ways in which we perceive our world, and obscure the path.

    Thank you for taking the time to share.


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