The importance of color in our lives

Andrea Ramirez Fortuna Living Spiritual Coaching
Podcast: The importance of color in our lives

Have you noticed how your mood changes depending on sunshine or rain, or when there are changes in the season?

Do you feel energized or lethargic, happy or sad, depending on the light outside?

On a basic level, light and dark affects how we feel and also how our physical bodies work.

Our natural wake-sleep cycle, also known as circadian rhythm, changes when we are in winter or summer. Not surprisingly, it can also be affected when we have a color deficiency.

Color deficiency usually happens when we spend too much time indoors or under artificial lighting. Some effects are altered intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical state.

A 10-minute walk outside can already begin to correct any color deficiency. But what do we do when the weather or circumstances keep us from taking a stroll?

We can infuse our lives with color by wearing it in simple ways with scarves or accessories, eating fruits and veggies with the colors of the rainbow, having fresh flowers at home, or even bringing the essence of the color by burning essential oils, scented candles or incense.

Our health improves going outdoors. The sunshine warms and soothes our bodies and illuminate our minds. Also, help us obtain vitamin D which is key to absorb calcium and promote bone health. Sunbathing for as little as 10 minutes a day can already make a difference. If you spend more time than that in the sun make sure you protect your skin.

Visualizing and meditating with color is also a valuable tool when we feel tired, unable to focus, nervous, or worried about something.

Go to a quiet place at home and get in a comfortable position, preferably sitting down on a chair. Observe and focus on your breathing as it goes in and out of your nose. Do this for a few minutes until your body has settled and then visualize the color white shining on you like a shower of light. Feel it and absorb it for as long as you need. Once you are done, slowly go back to your normal routine.

You also can “turn on”, with the eye of your mind, a white pillar of light around you when having any uncomfortable sensations, to bring color to balance inside and out.

Why do we use the color white and not any other color? White reflects everything in balance and contains all the colors. This way, no matter which color we have a deficiency of, white will balance it out.

This is only a quick fix in case you can’t go outside or when you can’t be under the sun for the recommended time.

It is very important to spend time in nature when you can, to nurture yourself with color, and wash off the positive ions absorbed with electronics such as mobile phones or radiation like Wi-Fi. Doctors in Japan give prescriptions for people to go out and spend time in nature. Nature offers an abundance of negative ions to keep us healthy.

Go out there, take a walk, breathe and bring color inside you, through your eyes.

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