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Podcast: Programming the water

According to Masaru Emoto’s research, water has memory. Water absorbs and “remembers” the emotions or energy it came in contact with.

A practical way to use this method for our daily benefit is:

On a paper, write the energy or feeling you want to have more of in your life (love, peace, happiness).
Fill a glass or clear glass jug with purified water and put it on top of the paper you have written the energy you want.
You leave this glass/jug overnight.
Next morning you can drink this water, which by then will have charged/recorded the energy that you have written on the paper.
You can drink this water during the day if a pitcher was prepared or, you can drink the glass of water in the morning to start your day energized.

Ho-oponopono also shows us a technique with water, this time to ELIMINATE emotions or memories from our lives. Unlike Masaru Emoto´s, this water IS NOT TO DRINK and must be disposed of in the toilet or sink.

The method would be like this:

On a paper, write that problem or emotion/energy/memory that you want to eliminate.
Fill a clear glass 3/4 full with water and place it on top of the paper where you have written what bothers you.
Leave the glass with water to charge with this energy. You may see bubbles or not.
After a few hours have passed, you can take the glass with the negatively charged water and throw it out in the toilet or sink.
This can be done as many times as you wish until you feel this energy no longer feels as heavy as before.

So now you know, I invite you to investigate more Masaru Emoto and Hooponopono and the benefits of blessing the water we drink and the water in our bodies.

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