Channeled message: What is channeling?

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Podcast: Channeled message, what is channeling?

Looking online you find a load of supporters and detractors, so being a channeler myself, I asked source directly!

Before getting to the channeled parts, it is important for me to tell you that channeling is an innate ability that we all have, much like Reiki, where you channel the energies or Chi of the Universe through your body and hands for the purposes of healing or relaxation. In Reiki you basically become a cable where the energy goes through, and because you are taught a specific protocol and go through an “initiation” or “tuning” of your energy channel, whatever situation you might be going through at the time cannot be “transferred” energetically to the person receiving Reiki through you.

With channeling is the same. You are “tuned” to a very specific energy and vibration, where there’s no room for other distractions or interferences to happen, including the ego.

How did I start in this journey?

Some time ago I had a Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique session with Alexandra Kallos, a QHHT facilitator. This technique was developed by Dolores Cannon, a visionary and gifted woman that brought this tool to the world. Safe to say, that experience changed my whole life. It made me feel whole and that lingering feeling of loneliness I had since I was a child was gone. I repeated the experience other times with Alexandra, and it was always a very transformational time in my life.

The constant in these experiences are always the same, an infinite feeling of unconditional love, more like I’ve ever experienced. And so I was hooked.

So what’s channeling?, the channeled answer:

“Channeling is a process of translation of the energies of the Divine Light or the Divine or Source into your own words, symbols that you can explain, ways of understanding.

How can we translate the messages of the waves of the sea? How could we put them in words? How could a surfer “hear” the waves, what they say to him? He is attuned to the energy of the seas, of the water. That is one form of channeling. He is one with this creation. It’s not just his sport but his religion where church is nature and the holy ghost is the sea.

Why is it that you receive messages when you are in a great place in nature?, how is it that you can see or hear or have revelations when you are immersed in beauty? That is a form of channeling. Through love, through beauty.

How can you receive messages of hope when all you see is destruction?
The light within shines through. Making you know this can get better.
Hope is a form of channeling the divine essence of light.

Channeling is a process of receiving energy like a tv, and translate it into images, words, a language that can be expressed in many forms. Like rivers, they all lead to the oceans. Everybody drinks from a different river, they all lead to the ocean.

Channeling can be listening to your inner intuition, the voice within.
The voice within is coherence with the light, the voice without is your mind, your ego. The voice within is in your heart where there is no duality, no doubt, only unconditional love.

You can work on it, to let it flow more like a river, to be immerse in that energy to flow with information, whatever serves you and it´s good for you. We all hear the messages but how many of them stick? Like when you read a book you understand something today and something different tomorrow. You listen to this channeling today and you feel one thing, you listen to it tomorrow and something else comes to you. You listen to it in one month and maybe you have already transcended to the next level.

Channeling is more than ego, when the source is rooted and founded in unconditional love. No tags, no titles, no status just unconditional love.

Unconditional love means, looking at your truth in lights and shadows alike. Bring the light of consciousness in the darkness, look at it, learn from it, transform it. Until it eventually becomes your ally and disappears, it collapses.

Your messages, your own personal daily channeling is what you say to you and to your body on a daily basis.
Can you connect with that source of love, meta love, that can make you be gentle and nice and loving to yourself?
Can you channel your unconditional love and shine that light?
Turn it on like a human lightbulb and shine it out into the world?

This is about shining your light, this is about resting your mind, this is about source speaking through the prism of the heart and its unconditional love.
Channeling is like a river of information. And as a river of information is energy and energy can be directed any which way you want.

So the same message won´t mean the same for everybody but the message will get through to the heart that needs to hear it and receive it that day.

Find your sacred space, find your sacred protection, find that special space that you claim, that you offer, to come into communion with spirit. Ask for the unconditional love of the divine source to come into your heart and into that space and start with messages of love to yourself.

In truth is that you are loved, in truth is that you are perfect, in truth is that love can heal everything and healing is within you. You are so incredibly loved, we wish you could see it how we see it. When love starts from within, when unconditional love starts from within, you are never without.

Circumstances can´t affect you, you can observe and navigate through them. Coherence between your heart first and your mind second will bring you into that coherence, coherent thoughts, free of doubt and confusion. And every day you´ll see, that when you shine your light within you attract the light without.

Look for the light within, that light in the diamond of your heart, you´ll see, there´s no without”.

End of channeling.

I thank the Universe for this opportunity to share the messages from the Divine with you. I am open to suggestions of topics you´d like to hear more from Source.
I´ll be posting every week a channeled message, subscribe to know when the blog has been updated!

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