Channeled message: What is a witch?

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Podcast: Channeled message, what is a witch?

What is a witch? A channeled message.

When thinking about writing an article, the question, what is a witch? came to my head. After centuries of history, that word has been the target of devotion and hate, equally. So as a channeler, I decided to ask the Divine: What is a witch, from spirit?

Here is their answer:

“We, the Divine, would like to start to say that the word witch, is filled with magic and power.

It’s a word that brings golden codes of wisdom through women, through a channel of love, in communion with nature, with the Elementals, with the ether, all the elements of Earth.

In older times, witches could talk to the plants, and the plants could talk back to them and say what they were good for. Those were the times before the schism when the realms were very close to each other before the veil was put between peoples and nature and everything related to their higher knowledge of the Divine.

The witches of those times of light, enlightenment, and synergy with nature, passed all this magic knowledge to other generations of women in different ways.

This knowledge and wisdom were passed in stories, tales, art, potions, recipes, rituals around the family, land, or seasons, sometimes smell to infuse a house or space or a person. They all carry the vibration and the wisdom of those elements that Earth expresses in such a magical way for your benefit.

Back then, Mother Earth was the goddess. Nature was revered as a divine force full of wisdom and creativity. With character to create or destroy at its will in a way that even if we don’t understand, will always bring renewal.

Since the fall of the veil between the light and you, there have been twisted practices, and obscured intellect and knowledge. There are different types of witches. Some work with darkness, which is a misunderstood, misplaced, and mispractice of the original wisdom. Some work with the light of the Divine knowledge expressed through Earth’s energy, nature, and its elements.

Because you live in a 3D reality, putting your attention in light or dark can bring any of them into existence.

But in truth, all come from the light.

A real witch is a strong woman. A woman that, when she feels sad, weak, or that she can’t, drives and draws power from Earth and the elements. She uses crystals and stones, plants, smoke, and oils to manifest well-being. She creates symbolic acts to manifest a better reality.

A true witch draws this energy and brings it to the world for the good of all and the harm of none. And that is the principle of the light. That is the principle of bringing goodness and magic into the world.

A witch today might have electronics, recorded songs, and printed paper. But will always use the energy of intention, focus, attention, and ultimately, love. Love draws everything together and makes everything stick and grow coherently. Love brings about the best, optimum creation possible at that moment in time, for the good of all and the harm of none.

A witch loves creating symbolic acts as a lending of hand to someone troubled. Always, like a mother advising that the best outcome will be the one to manifest. Lovingly, with knowledge and wisdom.

A witch owes herself to the Sky above and the Earth below. Brings the energy from the Universe, the energy from the Earth, and becomes a messenger, translator of these magic codes.

From time immemorial, witches have been at the heart of communities. Real witches, wise women from the heart, connected with Father Sky and Mother Earth. Bringing magic, healing, and knowledge to the world.

Honor the witches and the female lineage of light that has come before you, and connect with the Earth´s cristal core. The crystal heart full of love and compassion and power, to hold you, protect you, and empower you.
Connect with the heavens, so they rain blessings on you and the world. Creating a never-ending loop of abundance.
Connect with the Divinity inside you. Look for it as if you are looking for the brightest light you have ever seen. Be grateful for the divine light to shine. Mother Earth, with her unconditional love and Father Sky with its enlightenment, will bring about the path that will lead to your discovery, your greatness, your love, your light.
Bless your path, honor it.

Fill yourself with unconditional love. You are the child of the Universe and the child of Earth.

You can always decide. Which energies would you like to use? Remember that your legacy is a legacy of light and unconditional love from all the elements known and unknown. You are representative of a legacy of unconditional love. You are cared for, you are very loved”.

This article is featured in Witchzine issue 18, more in our Articles tab on the menu.

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