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Podcast: Channeled message: Solstice

Solstice is a time of the year when the light makes itself manifest in all its many colors. It’s a time for regeneration and rejuvenation. It’s a time for letting go and building up. It’s a beautiful time to weigh in all that you have, all your blessings, all your burdens, all that you carry. All that represents weight in your life. It’s time to take inventory of where you are on your life’s path.

It’s time to use that light and bring it in yourself to see without shame, without doubt, what is it in your life that you genuinely need to change? What is it in your life that you truly need to let go? What is it in your life that you need to nurture and become a caretaker? What are the parts of your life that you need to illuminate and love?

But light sometimes brings a side of you that you might consider not so pretty. So we’re here to tell you that you are perfection all on your own. You don’t need to try and be an act—someone you’re not. The light you brought to this planet needs to beam out of yourself like a beautiful sunrise. So we are here to give you the gift of life like a beautiful sunrise, wherever you are.

We bring the light like waves of comforting, caring hugs. We bring the light to bring love and warmth after a cold winter and the winter of the soul. The light is here to nurture you to a profound level down to your soul. As above, so below. So your inner sunshine also rises. Your inner sunlight also shines. It seeks a way of expressing itself by caring and nurturing the body, by sharing and caring with friends and loved ones, by finally opening the eyes and make the step to what you always wanted to do but never dared to.

Solstice is the time of the truth, time of enlightenment, time of the answers. The solstice marks a time when we look at ourselves and the world clearly, without distractions.

By tunning up with the energies of the solstice and the summer, without any distractions, we can connect to a higher line of understanding, to a higher energetic line for nurturing your subtle body.

You are healing yourself, nurturing yourself, strengthening yourself, and also purifying yourself. And as you know, purifying is not always an easy job or a pleasant one. Because that means the need to let go of addictions, attachments. It would be best to let go of everything that keeps you from taking that step. Everything that is keeping you from evolving. Everything that’s keeping you from stepping out of that unpleasant place or situation. Everything that’s keeping you from being independent and strong in your energy field and not dependent or feeding yourself up on the energy of others.

Solstice brings an excellent opportunity for renewal, renovation, independence, and empowerment.

The Father Sky is up there in the sky shining down to beautiful Mother Earth, and in the middle, you are that holy child supported by Earth and nurtured with liquid gold by the rays of the Sun.

It’s a time for ripping out the Band-Aids and putting those wounds in the Sun to dry until the scars fall. Nurture yourselves with the golden codes from the Sun. Look up at the skies and let this energy boost the electric field of your eyes.

Solstice is a time to ask for clarity, and it’s a time to ask the Universe for courage. Solstice is a time of blessings, of reenergizing, of feeling yourself again.

Draw the energy and power from within yourself in connection with the Universe with love and compassion; Solstice and summer are a time to receive the Universe’s love and gifts. It’s a time for opening up and creating new bridges, new relationships, new ways of relating to your bodies. Lovingly, respectfully in a way that is coherent with the time of the year.

The Sun has always been a symbol of grace, abundance, protection, and favorable omens. But the Sun, as much as it can make the crops grow, it also can make them burn and die. So protect your inner Sun, preserve your energy. Be conscious of the time you spend doing what, where, and with whom. Your energy is precious.

Go out in the Sun for an appropriate amount of time every day. Fill yourselves with sunlight, say thank you, and receive these beautiful vibrations.

Respect others and their views and walks of life, as you are all under the same loving Sun.

You are all in the same evolutionary journeys; some might be willing to see and some others not, but those who see and are eager to walk through the fire will be received with the most beautiful, loving, nurturing light at the end of that trance.

We love you, and we encourage you to take this time of the year to fill yourselves with light. But, be mindful of whatever distractions keep you from this very needed evolutive step that the soul is asking you to take.

You are very blessed, very loved, and we can hear when you talk and when you doubt. But, we are here to remind you that you have never been alone; we support you and love you.

We bring this nurturing light over you in hopes that it will help you create the life you want. But remember, you cannot cook in a dirty kitchen; you need to clean yourselves, declutter, detox from feelings, relationships, thought, beliefs, ways of being, people, circumstances, and places. Realize your weak spots and align with the divine purpose of your heart, even if it is to take care of yourself because that’s an excellent service to yourself, your soul, and the world.

We are sending many blessings to all of you. You are so loved, so very loved.

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