Channeled message: Autumn, the sacred threshold

Andrea Ramirez Fortuna Living Spiritual Coaching

The change from summer into autumn and later into winter is also a process happening in your physical body and energy body.

The light and the heat of the summer have brought all these beautiful codes of light and color. And they are imprinted in your energy matrix and your energy field, invigorating it, lighting it up with sparkling beautiful golden light.

But this heat and this light are also like a furnace. As the process of purifying gold, every time you go through summer is like a furnace of the soul, but not a negative one! Here you get flooded with light and energy and renewal. Light codes coming from the universe through the sun, permeate your energy body, mind, vision, physical body, skin, muscles, and all your systems.

And then in autumn, we will see the effect of this furnace of the soul. It brings out everything that no longer serves you to the surface, like dry leaves floating on the surface of a lake.

These changing of seasons that you see on your outside also happen on your inside. So you go through a moment of shedding, through a moment of making space for new things to come, with a clear vision, with an enlightened predisposition. Thanks to all the energy that you have received and soaked in during summer.

Autumn is a time to be revered, a time to connect again with nature when it’s not so hot, not so bright. Observe nature and see the wisdom in it. That every time the tree sheds the old leaves it’s only to grow new ones. The same happens with you, dear ones. Your life goes through changes. You let go of people, situations, thoughts, ways of thinking, beliefs, sometimes obsessive and repetitive thoughts that need to be shed to leave space to new thoughts, new ways of seeing, new beliefs, and affirmations.

It’s a time to realize whatever it is that doesn’t serve you.

This might be a brief message, but it is nevertheless a powerful one.

You should find wisdom in nature and observe the seasons of Earth and the seasons of the heart. When autumn leaves winter comes. Winter is the time for incubation, time for retreat. A time for observation. So we can say that autumn is a sacred passage that takes you from this immense nurturing of the light in yourselves, your bodies, your knowledge, your intellect through a threshold that will help you shed and release and realize even more where is it in your life that you need to create space for new things.

What is it in your life that you are holding onto that doesn’t serve you anymore? What are your beliefs? What is the vision of reality you have that is outdated? What needs to change for a new actualized, up-to-date, higher level of consciousness? The planet is growing with a new consciousness. Observe the reality and all the layers of it with detachment, wisdom, and compassion.

Observe yourself and the way you act, the words you use. What is it that no longer fits the person that you have become? The person that you are, and the person that you wish to become?.

If you wish to continue evolving, healing, upgrading, and growing in consciousness, autumn is the sacred threshold.

You will finally release and realize all those things that only create weight in your life, that make your steps heavy, that make your journey tough and slow and tiring. Like the trees, you will shed without pain, without sorrow, but with gratitude for the new things manifesting in your life.

You will pass this threshold into the winter season, and you will start to incubate and go into your inner world. Keep on observing nature and at the same time creating a new reality for yourself.

Plan out the steps: how will you do that healing? How will you move about the next time you are confronted with a situation that keeps repeating itself?

This is the key.

To eliminate karma. Observe if you have always had the same solutions to the same problems. Observe if you are just tired of not knowing how to respond to the same situation showing up in your life over and over again. The time is coming now to shed, release to create space to renew yourself, to go inside your being. Create new ways of existing. Connect with the higher consciousness of the new Earth. Fear not what you see in reality. Fear not what you see outside of yourself, the circumstances. Have faith and put yourself to work to create those changes in your life. And by that, we don’t mean making big changes like moving houses or countries. Start with shifting how you see your world, how you see yourself and love yourself more. Be more compassionate, heal yourself every day more.

How are you going to start healing? What words do you use with yourself every day? Start with a revolution on the inside. And create a life that will be revolutionary all by itself because it will be a life filled with light and love and compassion. Bring that new consciousness, and draw it within. Anchor it on beautiful mother Earth shining bright like a light in the dark.

Never doubt that you are always loved and supported.

We are here with you to guide you, help you, and bring the right solution at the right time for the best results and the least resistance at all levels. You are so very loved.

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