What are the chakras?

Picture: Mikhail Nilov
What are the Chakras audio 3m 32s

Our body is more than we can see or touch. From old traditions and sages, we know that our body also has a subtle part made of energy.
Just as our biological body has its energy centers or main organs that facilitate the optimum state of our health, our energy body has energy centers that look after our well-being the same way.

The chakras are the energy centers of our body, and they are seven:

* The first chakra, Muhadara, is perceived as red. It is at the base of our spine, on our pelvic floor, or perineum. It is related to vitality levels, impulses, sexuality, and stability.

* The second chakra, Svadhisthana, is perceived as orange and is located in our sacrum or pelvis. It is related to creativity, emotions, pressure, and sexuality.

* The third chakra, Manipura, is perceived as yellow and is located in our solar plexus. It is related to Personal power, initiative, willpower, excretion/projection, laughter, and joy.

* The fourth chakra, Anahata, is perceived as green. It is located in the middle of the chest, between the nipples. It is related to feelings, idealism, sensibility, mental activity, compassion, and love.

* The fifth chakra, Viccudha, is perceived as blue and is located in our throat. It relates to communication, verbal and emotional.

* The sixth chakra, Ajna, is perceived as indigo and is located between our brows. It relates to learning, thinking, and intuition.

* The seventh chakra, Sahsrarapadma, is perceived as purple/ violet and is located in the crown of our head. It relates to our connection to the universe, spirituality, and intuition.

Healthy chakras are like clean water pipes in your home. But, if the pipes are blocked at any point, the house will have lack of water, floodings, or problems draining water and wastewater. The same thing happens when our chakras are blocked or working deficiently.

Chakra means wheel. When the wheels of a car are spinning at the same time and speed, the car will move forward without any problems. Now, imagine that every wheel spins at a different speed!. What a ride we have in front of us!.

For most of us, this is the case. Over life and with all that life means, our energy wheels get slower, stuck, or spin out of control. When you think that every wheel or chakra is attached to an organ, you will soon realize what the centers need your attention.
Stress ( 5 and 6 chakras), digestive problems ( 1, 2, 3 chakras), anxiety (4, 6, 7 chakras), and many other illnesses in our everyday life could be relieved by working with each one of the qualities of the energy centers.

I invite you to take time every day and learn a bit more about your body, learn that you are far more than what you can see and touch, and learn to take care of all of you inside and out.

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