What is Reiki?

Picture: Anete Lusina
What is Reiki audio 2m 55s

Reiki is a way of channeling the Universal energy through the hands. This energy is used for healing not only our physical body but our subtle body as well.
Universal energy is the same energy that moves the planets in space, or that makes plants grow. It is an energy that exists abundantly and all of us have the innate ability to channel it.
Have you noticed when a part of your body hurts, you immediately bring your hand to that area to soothe it? This is a form of channeling your energy to bring it to that area where the discomfort is.
With Reiki we take the energy of the universe and, like a cable, we bring it to the person in need.
Reiki can be performed in person or over a distance. Techniques within the same practice allow for energy to be sent to someone on the other side of the planet or even to the past or to the future, to heal any situation.
This might not change what has happened or what will happen, but it will remove the charge of the situation to make it more light and pleasant for us.
In Reiki, the energy goes where it is needed. Meaning that if the hands are placed over the head for treatment, if the energy is needed in the intestines, it will flow and work in that area.
Same when sending Reiki over the distance. The energy “download” will be received at the best time for the person the energy is sent, avoiding this to happen at a time when the person might be handling machinery or driving.
Pets are very receptive and sensitive to Reiki. As they are much more connected to the source than we are, once they are done receiving Reiki they will just get up and go.
We can also give Reiki to plants when we see they need an extra boost.
Reiki brings peace, relaxation, and liberation of repressed emotions. It also energizes and helps fasten the healing process of any physical illnesses. It balances our energy body and energy centers, also known as chakras. Reiki will help with sleeping problems or balancing emotions that will affect us physically as well.
There are many different types of Reiki practices, but the tradition is known as Usui Reiki, from Japan. Mr. Usui is the person that brought this enlightened knowledge to the world after a very special trip to the mountains.

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